The Midnight Cry

A five-stanza poem.
I was fast asleep
When the night was very deep
And the light had no way to peep
I wondered when my eyes had a flip
And noticed a little light in a creep

Am I dreaming and don’t know?
I wondered when the thought began to flow
And it was cut short by the heavy sound of the blow
It was a blow of gun and I said NO!
That must not be real I know

But it was really real
When I jumped out with the shock I could feel
And I realized it was meant for a deal
Which must be accomplished without a thrill
I stumbled and mumbled a prayer in appeal

But they had their way in
And they filled up the whole scene
With a pool of blood to be seen
And there lie my father soaked therein
With his eyes shut and breathe locked in

The dealers, contented with their action
Walked away in their reaction
But my father with his breathe in restoration
Stood from the pool of blood with an action
And I praised God for the unpredicted restoration.
Published: 6/24/2010
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