The Mind-numbing Boredom

Life can be very boring at times.
When was the night so long as this?
Time is dragging,
Taking the piss,
I think I died an hour ago,
I am so bored!

I've been sitting here watching shadows,
Dance by the flickering flames of the fire,
The funeral pyre,
Stoked by the coals of a life,
So dire,
So boringly dire.

The conversation is meaningless,
Makes no sense,
Like reading a book,
That has no words,
The whole situation's absurd!

Shall we play a game?
A little something to entertain,
The mind-numbing boredom,
That won't refrain,
From it's direct assault,
On my fragile brain?

Alas, we've been there already,
Seen it, done it,
Been through all that shit,
To go there again would be greedy,
Besides, your games lack somewhat...

I'd close my eyes but I can't sleep,
Insomnia bites with razor-sharp teeth,
Claws my dreams back to boredom,
Even sleep is boring,
And I can't sleep anyhow,
Because you're always snoring.

How thoroughly inappropriate,
This purgatory state of subsistence,
Clinging by the fingernails,
To such boring existence,
Maybe I should let myself fall,
Be done with it all?

There must be more to life than this,
Long nights spent alone,
In the shadow of the moon,
Watching time pass,
Counting seconds, minutes,
As they fall through the waistband of the hourglass.

When was the night so long as this?
Has the last grain passed into the abyss?
Alas, no,
There are millions more to flow,
No easy escape from the tedium,
I must cede myself to boredom!
Published: 6/6/2015
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