The Mummy: Last Emperor of Peru - Part 2

Will Rick and Alex's effort to save Evy work and can they stop the emperor being resurrected?
Evy wakes up in a hotel room. Rick looks at her and smiles. "Don’t do that again."
"Sorry Rick, I just didn’t want you to get hurt." Someone knocks at the door. "Knock knock?" Alex walks in.
"Alex! How’s Lin?"
"Oh you know Lin."
"Yes I do." Evy goes to sit up but Rick stops her.
"Evy you’re very lucky." He holds her hand. "I almost lost you."
"But you didn’t."
"I know but…"
"There’s no but about it."
"Evy I… I’m just glad you’re safe."
"So am I." He hugs her.
"I’m going to get Izzy to take us home tomorrow."
"I don’t want to leave so early."
"Tomorrow!" He walks out of the room and Evy sits up. She gets out of bed and goes to get a book. She sits in the big armchair and starts to read.

While she is reading, the door opens but Evy doesn’t realize it. A man stands in front of her. Evelyn O’Connell!"
Evy peers over her book. "Who are you and what do you want?"
"My name is irrelevant and I am here to tell you that you were very lucky but next time your luck will run out rapidly." He leaves the room and Evy sits up right. "What does that mean?"

Rick returns to the room to find Evy curled up in the big armchair with a book on her lap. He takes the blanket off the bed and covers her up. He turns off the lamp and she wakes up. "Rick?"
"Sorry Hun."
"No, no it’s ok." She stands up and walks over to him. "Rick can you remember when we first met Lin?"
"You didn’t like her, did you?"
"No, but after what she did for us I, well she’s ok."
"Have I kissed you lately?"
"No…" she smiles at him. "You haven’t." Rick pushes his fingers through her hair, he spots a blue mark. "Evy what did you do to your head?"
"What do you mean?"

"I mean the big blue mark on the side of your face."
"I wonder if that’s what he meant."
"Oh nothing I’m just thinking out loud."
"You’re crazy."
"I am not."
"Shut up and kiss me."
"Don’t have to ask me twice."
"I know." They kiss and as they do so the blue mark spreads down Evy’s neck. "Oh my God Evy it’s spreading! Sit down now."
"Rick I feel fine."
"Well you don’t look it." She sits down on the bed. "Stay here. I’ll go and get someone." He runs out of the room and bumps into Alex. "Whoa!"
"Sorry Alex I need your help come on."
"I’ll explain when we get there." They run back to the room.

When they get there Evy’s shoulder has been engulfed by the blue mark. "Alex? What’s happening?"
"You’re turning to ice mom."
"Don’t worry it’s an ancient trick all we need is alcohol."
"Where are we going to get that from?"
"There’s a bar downstairs." Alex leaves them and goes downstairs. "Don’t worry Evy you’ll be ok."
"I hope so rick." Rick hugs her.
"God you’re freezing."
"Well I am turning to ice Rick."

"You’ll be ok, you have to be." Alex comes back with some whiskey. The whole of Evy’s arm is bright blue. "Here mom, drink this."
"Thank you Alex." She takes the glass off him and drinks the whiskey. The blue mark recedes and Rick looks up at Alex. "That was a close one."
"I feel funny Rick."
"What?" Rick looks at her. "Evy?"
"I can’t see!" Evy’s eyes go blood-shot.
"Alex!" Rick holds Evy’s hand to comfort her.
"Rick what’s happening?"
"I don’t know." He turns to Alex and mouths. "Go and get some help." He runs out of the room.
"I’m right here Evy."
"Where’s Alex?"
"He’s gone to get help."
"Rick I’m scared." Rick pulls her closer and kisses her head. "Don’t worry Evy, you’ll be ok I know you will."

Ten minutes later Alex, Lin and Jonathan run into the room. "Mum!"
"Evy!" Evy sat crying on the bed next to Rick.
"Yes Evy. I’m right here."
"Mom don’t worry I think it’s just the whiskey making sure that the ice has gone."
"I hope so."

The next morning Evy’s vision has fully returned. Alex knocks at the door. "Mom? Dad?"
"Come on in Alex, I’m just packing." He opens the door.
"Where’s dad?"
"Your father and Uncle Jonathan have gone back to the club to try to salvage anything."
"Oh right, well Lin and I have decided to split for a while." He walks over to her. "Mom I’m coming back with you and dad." She swizzles round.

"What? Alex there’s no need."
"Mom." He puts his hands on her shoulders. "It’s only for a few days then we will meet Lin in Egypt."
"Why Egypt?"
"I haven’t been there in a while and I have arranged to meet up with an old friend."
"I’d rather not say."
"I…Lin and I were just going to a dig site in the dessert."
"Alex what have we told you about that place?"
"But mom it’s…"
"No Alex! You are going near Hamunaptra is that clear?"
"Yes but…"

"That’s it end of discussion!" She folds the last of Rick’s shirts and slams the suitcase shut. Alex turns and opens the door. "And I thought you would have wanted to see Ardeth after so long." Evy blanks him. He closes the door and Evy sighs. She fingers the collar on her shirt. Evy puts it on the bed and goes out of the room after Alex. "Alex wait!" She grabs his arm. "I just don’t want to see you get hurt."
"Don’t worry mum, I know the dangers."
"No Alex, you only know what we have told you. There are a lot more dangers in that dessert Alex."

A few days later, back in England Evy is walking down the stairs reading a book when she trips over something. "For god’s sake I thought I told him to put…" she rolls over and sees a man in purple. "What do you want?" She stands up and the man steps forward. He produces a knife. "Hey!" He lunges at her, she punches him and he grabs her arm. They start to fight. The man pins Evy to the wall by her throat. "Alex!" Evy chokes and he lets her go. Alex runs downstairs. "Mom?" Evy crawls across the floor. The man grabs her ankle and drags her back. He picks up an ornament and hits her on the head. She falls unconscious and the man picks her up over his shoulder.

When Alex gets into the front room Evy and the man have gone but the man’s knife is stuck in the wall. "MOM!" Alex pulls the knife out of the wall. Rick, who has been at the shop for the past hour, walks in to find Alex sitting on the floor staring at the knife. "Alex?" He bends down and puts his hand on Alex’s shoulder. Alex looks at him. "She’s in trouble it looks like we have to go back to Peru."

"Mum." He stands up and Rick watches him.

In Peru, Evy wakes up in the back of a van. Her hands are tied together. She kicks the door repeatedly, it opens and she tumbles out. The van keeps ongoing. She manages to get her pen knife out her back pocket and cuts the ropes. She runs after the van knowing that it will go to Lima.

When she gets there Evy runs to the club. She bursts through the doors. "Jonathan!" He looks up from the bar.
"Jonathan!" She runs up to him.
"What’s happened?"
"I’ve just escaped from those men in purple they took me and brought me here. I think…" Jonathan stops her.
"Evy calm down, it’s ok."
"No Jonathan they want to set the emperor free!"
"Jonathan we have to stop them."
"No way Evy!"
"Jonathan!" She grabs his shirt. "We are going to stop these people."
"Evy I am going nowhere near that place not after what happened last time."
"Fine I’ll do it by myself." She walks out of the club and starts to go up the mountain.

Half an hour later Rick and Alex burst into the club. "Jonathan!"
"Not you two as well."
"Evy was…"
Rick buts in. "Where is she?"
"She, well she went up the mountain to stop the men, who set the room alight, from resurrecting that emperor."
"Right come on."
"Well, you let her go on her own, so we will all go and get her before she gets into any trouble again."
"But I thought…"
"Yeah, well you know what thought did."
"No, what did thought do?"
"Uncle Jon, what you’re just going to give up now after all we’ve been through?"
"Yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing."
"You’re coming whether you like it or not!" Rick pulls him over the bar.

Meanwhile Evy has made it to the burial chamber. "Hey! Stop what you’re doing!" She stands in the doorway.
"Good, you made it here Mrs. O’Connell."
"You know my name but I don’t know yours."
"It does not matter."
"Why not?"

"Not now! It is time for you to meet our emperor for he has woken from his years of slumber." The ash covered corpse of the emperor comes out from behind the tomb. "Oh my god." She steps back in amazement. "What did Alex say would kill him?" She ducks as he lunges at her with a sword. "Yes got it!" She chants an ancient spell. "Tu!" the emperor screams and falls onto Evy. She pushes him off and falls against the wall. She sighs with relief, puts her head back and closes her eyes. Rick, Alex and Jonathan run into the burial chamber. "Evy!" Rick kneels down next to her and puts his hand on her shoulder. She looks at him and smiles. "I did it Rick." She says breathlessly. "I can see." He pulls her to her feet and she cries out in pain. "What?"

"I think I’ve broken my leg."
"Long story."
"Right." Rick picks her up and she wraps her arms around his neck. "Rick!"
"What?" He turns round and sees six men standing there. "Oh." Alex gets a pistol and gives Jonathan one as well.
"Now!" They fire three times all six men fall. "Good let's go."

Rick, Alex and Jonathan run out of the ancient burial labyrinth. When they get out Rick lights a stick of dynamite. "Time to close the door." He drops it and they run down the side of the mountain.

On the plain home, Evy turns to Rick. "What would you do if I died?"
"Just wondering."
"Well I’d look after Alex and Jonathan. But I won’t have to anyway."
"Why not?"
"Because you won’t die." They kiss, Alex and Jonathan look at them. "Oh jeez!"

The end
Published: 2/2/2012
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