The Mummy: Last Emperor of Peru

Rick, Evy and the rest of the family embark on their biggest adventure yet. When a group of men try to resurrect the emperor of Peru.
Evy rolls over in bed to face Rick. "Rick?"
"You know, Jonathon moved to Peru."
"Yes, where are you going with this?"
"Well I just wanted to go and see him. You know go for a nice walk up a mountain."
Rick sits up and looks at her. "Evy you don’t just go for a walk up a mountain. What’s catch?"
"There’s no catch."
"The mountain is said to be the resting place of the first and last emperor of Peru."
"Still we need to…"
"Packed this morning."
"Well we need…"
"Called Izzy we set off tomorrow."
"I hate it when you’re organized."

The next morning they receive a letter from Alex. It reads. 'Mum, Dad, Lin and I are currently in Peru. We have reason to believe that the path to the sacred burial chamber is somewhere hidden in the city. We were hoping you could join us.' Evy hands it to Rick.
"That’s weird."
"Well it gives us another reason to go there."
Rick turns the letter over. "Right."
"There’s a map on the back." He gives it back to Evy and she smiles.

In Lima Alex and Lin are reading an ancient manuscript. "It says that the map to the chamber is buried under the city chapel."
"But where the city doesn’t have a chapel anymore it got rebuilt."
"Let’s think about it and get a drink at my Uncle Jon’s place."
"That sounds like a good idea." They walk across the road and into Jonathon’s new club. When he sees them he lightens up. "Alex! Lin! It’s so nice to see you, what are you doing here?"
"We’ve been looking for the last emperor of Peru."

"Was he rich?"
"Extremely, his entire burial chamber is made of pure gold and his body preserved in volcanic ash." Alex turns to the bartender. "Three brandies over here please." The bartender puts the three shots on the table. Alex goes to take one but a gloved hand grabs it and a familiar voice says. "I’ll have that young man." Alex turns round and Evy stands there with her hands on her hips. "Mom?"
"Evy!" Rick comes round the corner. "I told you I wasn’t carrying all the bags."
"But I told you were strong." She kisses him on the cheek. Then turns to Jonathan. "So where’s our room?" Jonathan looks at her.
"Oh yes your room. Come on I’ll show you. It’s across the hall from mine. Oh Alex there’s a room free next to your parents' room." He leads them up some spiraling stairs.

Alex knocks on the door to his parents’ room. "Mom I need your help with something."
"What Alex?" She opens the door and invites him in. He shows her his journal. "This is a scraping of a pillar in the library. It states that the map to the burial chamber was buried with the first priest of Peru."
"Interesting have you found it yet?"
"No, but we have reason to believe that it is in the library. You see it used to be the chapel."

"So what’s the problem?"
"We can’t get down there to see."
"Oh right I’m sure there’s a way."
"There is." He looks at her and Rick walks in.
"Hey what are you two up to then?"
"Trying to find a way to get the map."
"Why where is it?"
"It’s buried under the library."
"Well is the library open?"
"Not at this time no."
"Well come on then." Rick gets a bag of dynamite and turns to Evy. "Stay here with Lin and Jonathan."
"No way! I’m coming with you."

"Mom, listen to dad if you stay here then I promise you’ll be safe."
"It’s not my safety I’m worried about Alex it’s yours."
"Mom I’ll be fine, dad’s coming with me."
"I’m still coming Alex!" Rick picks her up over his shoulder. "Rick put me down!" She realizes what he is doing. "Don’t you dare Rick? You’re not doing that again." He dumps her on the bed, walks out of the room and locks the door. "Richard O’Connell you let me out of this room this instant. I’m warning you! Rick!" She bangs on the door. "Rick!"

"Come on Alex." As they walk down the stairs Jonathan meets them halfway. "Where’s Evy?"
"She’s in our room. Jonathan she doesn’t come out and that door doesn’t open until we get back. Get it?"
"Got it Rick." Jonathan carries on up the stairs. Rick and Alex go to the library.

An hour later Evy hears the door being unlocked. Rick and Alex walk in. Rick throws her a scroll. "Here look at that. I need a drink, coming Alex?"
"Yeah ok." They leave the room and Evy sits at the desk. She starts to make a sketch of the map in Alex’s journal. A man in purple bursts into the room. "Where is it?" Evy closes the book and puts it in her pocket. "Where’s what?"
"The map!" He pins her to the wall.

"Over there on the desk."
"Thank you my dear." He takes the map and sets the room alight. He leaves the room locking the door behind him. Evy pulls at the door and when it doesn’t open she turns to the window. Evy climbs onto the ledge but slips. She screams. "Rick!" He runs out of the club and looks for her. Alex follows him. "Dad up there!" He points up at Evy who is hanging on for dear life. "Evy! Jump I’ll catch you!" She looks down at him. "Nice try Rick." Her hands slip and Rick jumps to catch her. Evy opens her eyes and finds herself in Rick’s arms. She looks up at him. "That’s why I love you." She hugs him.

"Come here." They kiss and Alex looks down at them.
"Oh Jeez get a room seriously God." He goes inside and helps put the fire out. Rick pulls Evy to her feet. "We lost everything Rick."
"No we didn’t." He sits her on the wall. "Stay here I’ll be back in a minute." He runs back inside and comes back with a bag. Evy looks at him. "What’s in there?"
"If we have some opposition we need to be prepared don’t we?"
"Yes, but…"
"Never mind." She gets down off the wall Rick stops her from going back inside the club. "Evy everything is gone."

"Where’s Alex?"
"He’s inside helping Jonathan."
"What are we going to do Rick?"
"Well, all we can do is try our best to find that burial chamber."
"We’ll need a map." Alex walks over to them. "They took it didn’t they?"
"Yes, Alex they did I’m sorry but…"
"It’s not your fault mom."
"Alex! I did a sketch of the map in your journal."
"We still have the map in theory." She hands it to Alex.

"Mom this is great."
"What is?" Jonathan walks out, his face black with ash. Evy walks over to him. "Jonathan I’m so sorry about the club."
"Don’t worry old mum. Besides I found something that might cheer you up."
"Oh what now Jonathan?" He passes her an emerald box.
"So what is it Evy?" Alex takes it off her.
"It’s the key!"
"What key?" Evy turns round.
"The key to the entrance."
"Right?" Evy looks at Rick, "what will we do for equipment?"
"I know a small shop on the outside town. We can get some things from there."
"Ok let’s go!"

An hour later they set up camp at the base of the mountain. "At first light we head out up the mountain." Rick and Evy go in one tent, Lin and Alex have their own tent and Jonathan has a hammock tied between two trees.
"So Evy what actually happened in your room?"
"I’d rather not talk about it."

"Oh ok." Jonathan rolls over and falls asleep. Rick turns to Evy and pushes her hair behind her ear. "What are you thinking about?"
"Huh? Oh, nothing." A tear rolls down her cheek and she rolls over. Evy closes her eyes and feels Rick’s hand on her shoulder. "Hun what’s wrong?"
"I told you nothing." She shrugs him away. "Leave me be. We need to rest."
"Ok. Alright." They both fall asleep in no time.

Soon the light bursts into the tents and Jonathan finds himself wrapped up in his hammock. Evy is woken by the muffled sound of his voice. "Evy? Rick? Alex? Lin? Anyone?" Evy searches Rick’s trousers and finds a pen knife. She walks over to Jonathan and cuts him loose. "I told you not to get it."
"No you didn’t."
"Yes, I did you just weren’t listening."
"Yes, I was."
"Jonathan you never listen."
"Yes, I do!"
"The only time you listen is when someone mentions gold or treasure." Rick comes out of the tent and into the middle of the argument. He draws his pistol and shoots up at the sky. Evy and Jonathan jump. Alex comes out of his tent pistol drawn. "What’s happening?"
"Good we’re all up. Let’s have breakfast and then get started."

They pack up and head up the mountain. Halfway up the narrow path Alex spots some symbols carved into the rock. "Hey! Mom you better come look at this!"
Evy pushes past Rick and Jonathan. "What is it?"
"It looks like some instructions, but I don’t know what for."
"Let me look then." Evy gazes at the rocks and grins. Alex looks at her and then at the rock. "What?"
"I think it’s a door."
"A door?"
"Yes all we need is a key." She gets the emerald box out of her bag and tries to open the door with it. When it doesn’t work Alex gives up and follows Rick, Jonathan and Lin up the path. Evy spots some more symbols carved into the rocks. She brushes the moss away and finds a lever. Evy shouts Rick but he doesn’t hear her. Evy pulls the lever and the floor disappears from underneath her. She screams and Rick comes running.

When he gets there the floor has gone back, covering the hole and splitting Evy from Rick. "Evy!"
"Rick I’m down here!"
"Pull the lever on the wall."
"Where is it?"
"Next to the arrow!"
"Oh." He pulls it and the trap door slides back revealing the secret passage. "Ok wait here I’ll go get Alex." Rick leaves and the door closes. Evy drops her bag and it lands on a loose floor tile. Gas seeps out of the floor and Evy inhales it. She staggers back and passes out. Evy has a vision. "You have two days to reach the pool of life. If you fail you shall die! Remember when the morning sun touches the mountain on third day your time is up…."
The voice trails away.

Evy wakes up to find Alex, Lin and Jonathan stood around her and Rick knelt by her side. "Rick I only have two days to reach the pool of life!"
"The, what?"
Alex buts in, "The pool of life. It is said to be next to the burial chamber. It will cure any wound or illness."
"Rick we don’t have long."
"Right we’ll stay here for the night and set off in search of this pool in the morning." He looks at Evy. "You better be right about this Alex."
"I’m sure I am dad."

During the night Evy wakes with a start. "Alex? Lin? Jonathan?" She stands up and lights a torch. She walks over to a small passage way. "Hello?" She turns the corner and comes face to face with a man in purple. He grabs her left hand and holds it up to the light. "So you have set off the reaction?" Evy looks at him, then at her hand, there is a red line across it. "How did you know?"
"You only have two days I know more than you expect me too."
"Why?" Evy looks at him puzzled. He produces a knife from his belt. "Now you have a few hours to reach the pool." The blade shines in the light.

"NO!" He jams it into her side and runs away. Rick runs to the passage and sees Evy stumbling down it. "Evy!" She falls forward and he catches her as she falls. "We need to find the pool as soon as possible Rick." He looks down at her blood soaked t-shirt. "Evy don’t worry. Stay with me." He picks her up and takes her back to where the others are sleeping. "Alex!" Rick taps him and he wakes up.
"We need to go now!"
"It’s your mother Alex she’s…" Evy shouts over to them.
"I’ve been stabbed Alex."
"Oh my God mom!" He sits up and looks at her. "Are you..?" He stops. "I won’t let you die mom."

Ten minutes later they have all set off walking. Evy is being carried by Rick. "Rick you can put me down. I could try to walk on my own."
"No Evy you need to save your energy."
"Come on Rick please."
"Evy, I don’t want to lose you."
"You won’t I promise."
"Evy you are injured. You are not on your own. I will help you by any means possible."

Alex finds a trap door but he can’t open it. "Dad it won’t open." Rick puts Evy down and walks over to Alex.
"Rick?" Evy tries to stand up, she pulls herself up on the wall. "Get away from that door!"
"Evy!" Rick puts his arm round her shoulders.
"Alex move away from it."
"It’s a booby trap."
"What?" Evy, aided by Rick, walks over to the door.

"Rick let go of me and step back."
"No Evy."
"Yes! Do it now. If this truly is the entrance to the burial chamber then the pool of life should be on the other side. Therefore if I open the door it won’t matter."
"But what if it isn’t?"
"Then I love you."
"Evy you can’t…" Alex and Jonathan hold Rick back. Evy uses the emerald box to open the door. A yellow gas bellows out of the doorway. Evy falls to the floor and the gas clears. Rick looks at Evy. "NO! Evy!" He breaks away from their grip and runs up to her. "Sweetheart? Oh no Evy!"

"Dad, Mom was right this is the burial chamber." Alex walks into the room. Jonathan and Lin follow him. Rick picks Evy up. "Alex we need to find that pool."
"This way, come on."
"Ok." Rick follows Alex and Alex leads him to a small room. Rick looks up at the ceiling. There is a big hole and the sun is halfway across it. "Hurry up Alex!"
"Patience is a virtue."
"Not right now it isn’t." Alex gets the door open and just as the sunlight hits the pool Rick lays Evy in it.
Published: 1/31/2012
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