The Mummy Lost City of Atlantis - Part One

Evy find a book on Atlantis that sparks an idea in her head this can't be good.
Evy is in the library sorting out the book shelves. She finds a book on Atlantis. "Rick!" Rick walks in.
"I didn't know we had this book. How about you?"
"Honey, I don't even come in here anymore." He takes the book and opens it. On the front page it says. 'Property of the London libraries.' Rick shows it Evy. "Alex get you're a-"
"Rick!" Evy shouts disgusted at his language.
"Get down here now!" He looks at her. "That better?"
"Rick stop being sarcastic."
"Yeah dad?" Alex appears at the door.
"A book Alex." He waves it in his face.
"I can see that Dad, we are in the library."

"This one is from the city library." He hands it to Alex. "I'll take it back tomorrow."
"Hold on young man." Evy takes it off Alex and turns to Rick. "Legends tell of a sacred tablet, Rick wouldn't it be great if we could find it?"
"No Evy." He puts his hands on her shoulders. "We are not going on a mummy hunt."
"Don't worry, there won't be any mummies this time."
"Is Jonathan going?"
"Of course, he's going."
"There'll be mummies then."
"Rick that's not very nice." He walks out and she follows him. "Rick where are you going now?"
"I'm going to pack."
"I know you're packing, I'll do it."
"No, I'll do it." He walks up the stairs and into their room.

After five minutes, Rick comes back down and Evy goes upstairs. She opens his suitcase and find it filled with different weapons and one shirt. "Packing?" She laughs and takes some of the riffles out. Alex walks in. "Mom, what are you doing?"
"I'm repacking your father's Bag."
"He's not going to be happy about that."
"I don't care."
"Alright." He walks back out of the room. "Just saying."

That evening they set off for Iceland. When they reach a deserted beach, Evy empties out a bag. Rick looks at her. "There's a motel up the road can't we stay there?"
"You know I like to be close to my work."
"Well, this is a little too close if you ask me." Jonathan turns and starts to walk back up the road. Rick watches him. "Evy I agree with Jonathan."
"Ok, so me and Alex will stay here."
"Sorry mom, but I'll stay with Dad." Rick and Alex follow Jonathan leaving Evy to set the tent upon her own.

In the morning Rick finds Evy knee deep in the water. "Evy, what are you doing in there?"
"Rick look!" She runs up to him.
"What am I looking at?"
"I believe it's a well part of a tablet."
"Oh and what does this tablet do?"
"Well, I don't know."
"Don't know what?" Jonathan walks up to them. He looks at the green stone in Evy's hand. "Hey that looks like that tablet thing in the motel." Evy looks at him and smiles at Rick. "Let's go, it might be the missing part." Evy runs up the beach. Rick, Alex and Jonathan follow her.

When they get to the motel, Evy walks up to the tablet on the wall and holds up the piece she found up to it. The two pieces fuse together and send a shock wave through the building. Evy is thrown to the floor. Rick holds onto Alex. The shockwaves stop and Rick runs over to Evy. "Evy are you ok?"

"Yes, I'm fine." He helps her up and the receptionist looks at them. "You can have that thing now you've done that the Atlantians will want it back." He runs out of the motel and Evy smiles at Rick.

They take the tablet to the tent and Evy tries to decipher what it says. "Rick I think, it's like ancient Egyptian."
"Well can you read it?" He shouts from outside.
"I think so." She runs her fingers along the grooves in the stone.
"The gifted one will read this." A big gust of wind rushes through the tent.
"Rick what's happening?!" Evy stands up and walks over to the entrance. A man appears in the door holding Rick. He throws Rick to the floor and walks into the tent.

Evy backs up and covers the tablet with her jacket. The man walks over to her and picks her up over his shoulder. He knocks Evy out and takes her and the tablet beneath the waves. Rick gets up to find Evy gone and the tent destroyed. "Evy!" He looks everywhere and then goes up the road to the motel.

In a dark room Evy wakes up. She is tied up and gagged, she hears the door being unlatched. A man walks in and takes her to a beautiful turquoise room with a golden altar. An elder walks up to her and smiles. "We have found the one with a gift, a gift to read the sacred tablet. Her blood mixed with the blood of Atlantis will bring our king back to us." The crowd of people applaud his speech.

They put Evy on a stool in front of the tablet. "Read it!" They ungag her.
"And what if I don't?"
"You will become a host for our princess and she will use your mind to read the tablet."
"You can do whatever you want with me, I will never read that tablet."
"Very well." The elder turns to two guards. "Take her to the chamber so that she can be used." Evy struggles as the two guards take her to a room.

In the middle of the room there is a table the guards strap Evy to the table and then bring over a ceramic head. They place it next to Evy on the table. The smallest guard puts one hand on Evy's forehead and the other on the ceramic head. "Great princess, we have brought you a host." A golden mist comes from the ceramic head and goes into Evy. The guards salute her. "Princess we have a job for you. The elders want you to read the tablet of life."

"Where is it?"
"In the great hall."
"Then we shall go."

The three leave the room and return to the great hall. Evy steps up to the tablet and reads it. "The gifted one will read this tablet and as they do so the king will rise to rule again. Their blood will flow in his veins and he shall live as he did thousands of years before." As she finishes, everyone hears a cracking noise then a raw. The princess leaves Evy's body and she falls to the floor.

Up on the beach Rick is in the tent trying to find something that will lead him to Evy. "Jonathan get in here!" Jonathan pokes his head round the entrance. "Yes?"
"I think I've found it. It's the tablet, I think they've taken Evy to Atlantis."
"If there are mummies, I'm going home." Jonathan walks away from Rick.

In the main hall in Atlantis Evy is unconscious. The elder holds her hand up and cuts her wrist. "This, the blood of the gifted will feed our king for eternity." He holds out a cup and Evy's blood drips into it. The hall falls silent as the elder hobbles over to a tomb. He pushes the lid away and drizzles the blood over the king's corpse. Two guards pick Evy up and take her out of the hall and out of Atlantis. They take her up to the beach and dump her on the sand.

An hour later Rick comes back to pack the tent away. He sees Evy on the sand and runs up to her. "Evy!" He kneels down and rolls her over. "Evy are you alright?"
"Rick is that Evy?" Jonathan comes up behind him. "Dad?"
"Alex stand back."
"Why dad, where's mom?"
"Urm she's, she's," Rick steps aside and Alex looks down at Evy. "Dad will she be ok?"
"I don't know Alex!" Rick picks Evy up and heads towards the motel. Alex and Jonathan follow him.

Evy wakes up in a bad. Rick looks down at her. "You scared me Evy."
"Funny I thought you never got scared Rick."
"Evy you are never staying anywhere on your own again ok?"
"Rick stop worrying, anyway, how did you find me?"
"You were on the beach."
"Mom? Oh my god, are you ok?" Alex comes into the room and jumps on the bed.

Evy looks at her arm and Rick looks at her. "What?"
"When did that happen?"
"It was there when I found you."
"Well, that's not good." They hear a bang as the door to the motel is thrown open. A group of Atlantians soldiers burst into the room. They grab Rick and Alex. "You will come with us or they will die!"
"Alright." Evy stands up and walks out of the room. "Evy, don't go! Evy!" Rick struggles and it takes four men to hold him back.

Down on the beach the king comes up from the ocean. He looks up at Evy. Their eyes meet and Evy collapses on the floor. The king walks over to her. "The air is fresh in my lungs and the more I breathe the stronger I get and the weaker you get."
"I don't care what you do to me just don't hurt my family."
"I can't guarantee that they won't get hurt." The king laughs and shows Evy a purple tablet. "What's that?"
"It says that the gifted one will read it and their loved ones will be sacrificed to save themselves."

"I would never say that ever!" Evy gets to her feet and looks at the king. Two men come holding the ceramic head of the princess. "If you will not read it then we will make you." A soldier grabs Evy and the two men walk over to her. They nod to the king. He puts one hand on Evy's forehead and the other on the head. "Oh great princess we have brought you a host." The golden mist comes out from the head. Then there is a gunshot as the dust reaches Evy it starts to enter her body, it retracts itself and disappears back into the head. Evy falls to the floor and Jonathan runs over to her. "Evy?" The king looks down at him. "Stand up and step away!" Jonathan looks up and sees the king's skeleton like legs, he shoots up. "Who are you?"

"The king of Atlantis." He grabs Jonathan's arm and cuts him. The king tastes Jonathan's blood. "You are good enough." Jonathan struggles. "Seize him and bring him back with us. We will make her read this tablet." In the motel room the soldiers have tied Rick and Alex up. They see the king leaving and they leave the room to join the king. They disappear beneath the waves.

An hour later, Evy comes round. "Rick, Alex, Jonathan? Oh no, I bet they made me read that thing." She starts to run to the motel and trips over a riffle. "Rick! Oh no they've taken him!" Evy picks the riffle up and runs to the motel. When she reaches the room, Evy bursts in. She sees Rick first. She runs up to him and unties his hands. "Rick where's Jonathan?" Rick takes the rope from round his ankles, while Evy unties Alex.

"Stupid mummy, son of a bitch!" Evy swizzles round.
"Mom?" Alex and Rick hug Evy. While they are hugging, Evy collapses. Rick catches her. "Evy!"
"Rick you have to kill the king because the stronger he gets the weaker I get."
"Don't worry Evy, I'll do it. Alex stay here with your mother!"
"Dad, I think mom can look after herself."
"Alex I'm not arguing with you, stay here!" Rick runs out of the motel and down the beach. "Alex!" He walks over to Evy. "Yes, mom?"
"Alex I love you and I don't want you to suffer."
"Why are you saying that?"

"Because I know that the king will make me read that tablet because he needs me to read the ancient scripts."
"So why will I suffer?"
"The tablet will keep me alive but it will kill anyone of blood relation."
"Oh." Alex walks over to the door. "Don't worry mom, I'll make sure you're alright."
"Alex no!" Evy shouts after him. Then she hears Alex shouting her. "Alex?!" Two soldiers come into the room. "Leave me alone!" They grab Evy and Alex appears in the doorway. "Hey you leave my mom alone."
"Alex don't just let them take me save yourself!" One of the soldiers lets go of Evy and grabs Alex. They take them down to Atlantis.

When they get there, the two soldiers take Evy and Alex to the main hall. One takes Alex to a cage where Rick and Jonathan are. Evy gasps. She is pushed up onto the stage next to the king. "Now you will read this." He thrusts the tablet into Evy's hands. She throws it to the floor. "I would rather die!"

"Bring him out!" Three men bring Rick and he looks at Evy. They put a knife to Rick's throat. "No!"
"Read it or he will die!"
"I'll read it!" Evy looks at Rick and he shakes his head. "No Evy don't, they'll just kill me anyway."
"Rick I'm sorry." She picks the tablet up and glances at Alex and Jonathan. Evy falls to her knees and starts to cry. Rick breaks away from the soldier's grasp. "Evy!" He kneels down next to her. "I can't Rick, I can't!"

"Stand or we will get our princess to read the tablet with your mind." The king claps his hands and the ceramic head is brought in. "Evy you don't have to do this." Rick helps her up. He gets a pistol out of his jacket and fires it at the king. "You fool the only way to kill me is to kill the gifted one." The king laughs and Rick stares at him. "No you bastard!"
"At least I can live forever!"
"You are such a fucking mummy!"
"Mr. O'Connell you will die before me I assure you!"
"You don't know me or what I can do!" Evy looks at him. "Rick just kill me I'd rather you kill me than him." "Evy that's a lot to ask."

"I know and I mean it, Rick I love you and Alex, and I couldn't bear to see you die in front of me."
"Evy you are not dying tonight or any other night. We'll find a way to kill him and save your life."
"No Rick."
"Yes." Rick walks up to the king. "I know there is another way to kill you."
"There is not."
"Rick I remember now if I put my blood on his head he will melt away to nothing."
"How do you know that will work?"
"I read it in a book."
"Oh alright."

"You cannot defeat me, I am immortal!" Rick jumps up onto the king and Evy cuts her finger with a pen knife. She stands over the king and a drop of blood drops on his head. As the king starts to disintegrate a guard comes up behind Evy and puts a sword straight through her stomach. She falls to the floor and Rick runs over to her. "Evy, don't leave me please. We need you."
"Rick I'm sorry."
"No Evy you are not going to die, we'll take you to the hospital."
"Make sure Alex and Jonathan get out of this."
"We are all gonna get out of this." An elder walks up to them. "We are peaceful people and our king was full of evil, we are sorry about this." She gives Rick a vile. "What is this?"
"The healing power of the ocean." Rick looks down at Evy. She smiles at him and passes out. A guard opens the door to the cage and Jonathan and Alex run over to Rick and Evy. "Dad?" Rick looks up at Alex.

"Alex stay with your uncle Jonathan."
"Well come on then Alex, let's get out of here."
"The only way to leave Atlantis is to be taken by one of us Atlantians."
"Well, let's go then."
"We cannot rick our city being found, so you will not leave this city."
"I thought you were people of peace."
"We are and that is why we must keep you here."
"Well, we're not staying." Rick picks Evy up and walks past the elder. "Stop them! They must not leave the city!"
"Run Jonathan don't dordle."

"Dad they're gaining on us!" Rick throws Alex a pistol. "Dad what am I supposed to do with this?"
"Shoot them, Alex shoot them."
"Point it at them and pull the trigger!" Alex hits one of the guards chasing them. "I hit him dad I hit hi," Alex is grabbed by an onlooker. Rick cranes his neck trying to find his son. "Alex!" He looks at Jonathan. "Find him Jonathan, I'll take Evy out of here!"
"Ok, Rick I won't let you down!"
"You better not!"

When Rick reaches the outskirts of the city, a young woman comes out from an alley way. "I can help you. I can get you and your family out of Atlantis."
"How do I know you're not trying to trick me?"
"I swear on my life I will make certain all your family will be safe and get out of the city."

"Right I'll trust you." The woman gets a crystal out of her pocket and gives it to Rick. "With this you can travel in and out of Atlantis."
"Thank you but how will my son and brother in-law get out?"
"I will personally bring them to you."
"Thank you so much." Rick takes Evy out of the city and up onto the beach.
Published: 2/14/2012
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