The Mummy Lost City of Atlantis - Part 2

Can the family get out of this mess and will Evy survive to live another adventure?
Meanwhile Jonathan and Alex fight their way out of the city. At the edge they meet the woman. "I have been sent by your father to help you out of the city."
"Right and how are you planning to do that?" Jonathan looks her up and down. "I hold the key to the city."
"Oh and what is the key?"
"This is the key." She holds up a crystal and opens a gateway in mid Air. Jonathan stares at it. The woman pushes him and as she does so she plants a tracking crystal on his back.

When Alex and Jonathan get to the beach Rick is knelt down next to Evy. "Dad?" Alex runs up to them.
"Alex!" Rick stands up. "I’m sorry Alex."
"What?" Alex looks up at him. "Did you try that serum?"
"No Alex, I don’'t want to take that risk."
"If you won't then I will. Give me that vial."

"Alex no!" Rick holds it up over his head. Jonathan grabs it. "She may be your wife but she’s my sister!" Jonathan bends down with his back to Rick and Alex. "Jonathan don't move!" Rick takes his pistol out of his belt and tells Alex to get behind him. "Take your jacket off."

"Just do it!"
"Alright!" Jonathan takes his jacket off and gives it to Rick. Rick lays it on the floor and aims his pistol. "Wait what are you doing, that’s my best suit!"
"Do I look like I care Jonathan?" Rick shoots the crystal and then Jonathan picks his jacket up. "Now look there’s a ruddy great hole in it!" Alex looks at them both.
"Can we please just focus on my mom?"
"Yes, Alex." Jonathan passes him the vial. Alex takes the cork out and pours the liquid on Evy’s wound. The wound heals and Rick picks her up.

Evy wakes up in her own bed. "Rick?" She sits up and hears banging downstairs. She gets up and puts her dressing gown on. Evy slowly makes her way downstairs. She checks the library and dining room. She walks into the living room to find Rick and Alex fighting. "Stop it, both of you!"
"Mom?" Alex runs up to her and throws his arms around her waist. Evy ruffles his hair and hugs him back. "Rick where’s Jonathan?"
"Oh off on one of his money making schemes."
"Right, so he didn't wait till he knew I was alright, I’m gonna kill him!"
"He made a point before he left he said, ‘Rick if you let anything happen to Evy I’ll kill you.’"
"He did, did he?" Evy laughs and goes back upstairs. "What are you laughing at?"
"Jonathan threatened to kill you."
"Yeah, what’s so funny about it?"

"Oh come on when we first met, you punched him in the face."
"Oh yeah, ha I did didn't I?"
"Yes, you did now if you’ll excuse me I am going to have a bath."
"Evy be careful."
"Rick, I’m going in the bath what could be so dangerous?"
"You’re right, I’m just being silly."
"That you are." She kisses his cheek and goes upstairs.

Evy gets into the bath and hears Rick shouting her. "What does he want now?" She gets out and wraps the towel round herself. Evy goes half way down the stairs and squats down. Rick is pinned to the wall by a man in uniform. "Tell me where the gifted one is or you will perish."

"You will never get your slimy hands on her, never!" Evy gasps and runs back up the stairs. She pulls some clothes on. Rick's favorite blue shirt and her trousers. She grabs a shot gun. Evy goes back to her position on the stairs.

A cartridge falls out of her pocket and bounces down the stairs. The man in uniform turns his head and his eye’s meet with Evy’s. She suddenly feels fain and collapses. The shot gun slides down the stairs and Evy follows it. She lands in a heap at the bottom. The man in uniform lets go of Rick and heads towards Evy. "Hey just leave her alone!" Rick pulls a pistol out and shoots the man.

"Why didn't I just do that before?" Rick runs over to Evy. "Evy! Alex!"
"Get me a glass of water would you?"
"Why? Get it yourself."
"I can't my hands are full."
"What?" Alex comes to the top of the stairs. "Oh." He runs past them and into the kitchen.

Rick lays Evy down on the bed. "Hey she’s got my favorite blue shirt on." Alex comes in with a glass and a jug of water. "Thanks." Rick picks the glass up and gulps the water down. Alex puts the tray down and leaves the room. Rick picks the jug up and tips it over Evy’s head. She shoots up and rubs the water out of her eyes. "Morning sleeping beauty." Rick laughs.

"I’m gonna kill you." Evy gets up and Rick runs down the stairs Evy follows him. They fall about laughing on the living room floor. Evy looks Rick in the eyes. "Rick, do you think we’ll get out of this one?" He strokes her face. "Of course we are even if I have to fight ok."
"Ok." Evy smiles at him and stands up. An Atlantian soldier comes up behind her and puts a knife to her back. Rick strands up and another soldier grabs him from behind. "Rick! No, let me go!" Evy struggles but the soldier drags her away. "Evy, no!" Rick elbows the soldier and he lets go of Rick.

"Fight like a man and leave her alone!" They start to scrap.
Outside the soldier pushes Evy into the driver’s seat of Rick’s car. "We will return to our city and you will become our queen."
"What if I don't want to be your queen?"
"Shut up and drive!"
"Alright, alright I’ll drive."
"Drive us to Atlantis." The soldier puts a knife to her side. Evy starts the car and Rick runs out of the front door to see them driving away. "Jonathan is going to kill me." Rick runs after the car. "Evy, stop!" He runs out of breath and slows down. "Don't worry Evy, I’ll save you if it’s the last thing I do."
"Dad!" Alex comes out. "I’ve got something to show you."
"Come with me." Rick follows Alex to a wooden shed. Alex opens the door and shows Rick a motorcycle. "When did you get that?"
"Long story."
"Alex it’s a good job, I’m in a hurry otherwise you would be in a lot of trouble." Alex hands Rick the key and Rick starts the motorcycle. "Alex stay here I’m not losing you ok."
"Yes dad." Alex waves Rick off as he flies down the road after Evy.

Rick finds the car over turned in a ditch. "Evy!" He runs down to the wreck and looks for Evy. Rick searches the bushes nearby and finds the soldier’s body under some leaves. "Evy!"
"Rick?" A faint whisper comes from behind him.
"Evy, oh god I’m sorry Evy, I thought we’d be safe back in England."
"Rick I’m not getting out of this one." She smiles at him. "I’m sorry Rick, it’s my fault this happened just likes it was with Imohtep."
"Right, well you got out of that and you’ll get out of this. I didn't marry a quitter. I married Evelyn an adventurous, ambitious, librarian." Evy laughs. "What did I tell you in Atlantis? I told you that you wouldn't die and I will keep my word." Rick picks her up and carries her up to the motorcycle. "Rick please just leave me, if I die they’ll leave you and Alex alone."
"Evy you are not going to die."

When they get back to the house Alex is nowhere to be seen. "Alex, Alex!" Evy and Rick search high and low, tying to find him. "Rick they took him I know they have."
"Evy you don't know that."
"I can feel it Rick."
"You know Alex he’s just like you, he’ll find a way to get home."

A few weeks later and Evy walks over to Rick. "Rick I feel very weak."
"It’s because Alex isn't here."
"I want him in my arms again Rick."
"Don't worry Evy..." Rick looks in shock as Evy goes very pale and falls to the floor. "Evy, wake up, come on, don't do this to me please!" Somewhere on a plane over the Atlantic Ocean Jonathan falls unconscious mid-conversation.

In Iceland Alex finishes reading the tablet. "There now will you leave my family alone?"
"Yes but first we need one more thing."
"Your blood will finish the prophecy." A soldier grabs Alex’s hand and he pulls it back. "I can do it myself." Alex reaches into his pocket and gets a blood capsule and a pen knife. He smashes the capsule with the knife and lets it drip onto the tablet. The Atlantians leave him on the beach, thinking that the prophecy is complete. A man walks over to him. "Alex O’Connell?"
"We have a ride home for you."
"Ok." Alex walks with the man up to the motel where a plane is waiting. They board the plane and Alex find Jonathan sprawled out on the floor. "Uncle Jon?" Alex shakes him and the engines raw into life.

As they land in the front garden Alex throws the door open and jumps out of the plane followed by Jonathan, who had woken up as they began to descend. Alex opens the front door and runs straight upstairs to his parents’ room. "Mom, dad!" Rick looks up at him.
"What did you do?"
"I...I...I’m sorry dad."
"Alex what did you do?" Rick stands up and Alex looks at him nearly in tears. "They made me dad, they said that if I didn't read it they would kill you, all in front of me and then kill me."
"Read what?"
"That tablet that mom refused to read. Dad don't worry about it, I didn't put my blood on it so the spell isn't complete."
"So, it means that mom should wake up soon."
"She better do Alex!"
"Rick is Evy in here?" Jonathan pokes his head round the door. Alex leaves the room and goes outside. He sits on the wet grass. "What have I done to my own family?" He lies back closes his eyes and starts to cry. "Alex, why are you crying sweetie?" He opens his eyes.
"Mom, you’re ok."
"Not for long." An Atlantian elder comes from behind the fountain. "Your father left this behind." He holds up a pistol. "I have figured out how to use it." He aims it at Evy. "No!" Alex stands in front of her. "You’ll have to go through me to get to her."
"That’s fine with me." Evy spots Alex’s pen knife on the floor. She bends down and picks it up. She throws it at the elder. The pen knife pierces his heart and he falls to the floor. Alex hugs Evy. "Thank you mom, thank you." "That’s why I’m here Alex, that’s why I’m here." Rick runs out of the house and up to them. "Are you two ok?" "Yes Rick, we’re fine."
Published: 2/24/2012
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