The Nation Says 'No'!

I fear for my nation, I fear for my freedom!
The Nation says 'no',
What's done, it's done,
Let's hope that their promise,
Is worth more than their rum,
As they raise their glasses,
In toast to their pride,
And they snicker their laughter,
At a dream that has died.

They laugh as the dream,
Evaporates in smoke,
As raised from the cigars,
Of the silver spoon folks,
Who've no need to worry,
With it all close to hand,
They sit with their feet up,
While we till the land.

A cold wind now blows,
'Cross a thistle-filled field,
As they warm their hands,
On that which we yield,
They'll steal of our corn,
They'll steal of our seed,
They'll leave us with nothing,
For our children to feed.

For how can we trust,
This consortium of liars,
Who'd steal the embers,
From the pit of our fires?
We have sold out our souls,
We have sold out our hearts,
We have sold out our conscience,
For what that was worth.

My spirit is saddened,
By the shackles that bind,
No more shall it soar,
To be free like the wind.
But still there is strength,
In the opinion I hold,
That we can force change...
We need only be bold!
Published: 9/22/2014
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