The Natural Order Of Life

It’s a poem about my grand-uncle that passed away 2 months ago, may he rest in peace…
The natural order of life
Seems like it’s a never ending horizon
Where customs and beliefs meet at one point
Not crossing onto one another
Like the wrinkles on fragile skin
The true signs of years and wisdom
They have tons of tales to speak of
Things our minds couldn't fathom
How can one man cause a young unyielding mind
To come to grasp everything he left behind?
All his theories and thoughts about life
His philosophy about god
Or his thoughts about right and wrong
That is the natural order of life
Like the wrinkles that always come
And the lessons that never stop
His philosophies are old and his theories were wrong
But they will never die as long as we learn from it all

RIP Leonel Navas Lopez
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Published: 10/27/2007
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