The Next Steve Jobs Might Be in Ajegunle

Hope to the Hopeless.
That super thought romanced my mind like a roasted Nigerian 'Bole' (roasted plantain) does on a sunny afternoon in Bayelsa. I couldn't just get over the ruminations and overtures that the caption impressed on me.

Ajegunle, a somewhat ghetto located in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria is a place where talents has evolves. It has dished and reeled out amazing pacesetters in various strata of the Nigerian economy and beyond.

A twining resemblance that shares with a popular Yoruba saying "Inu ikoko dudu ni eko funfun tii n jade" meaning 'out of a black pot proceeds a white pap'.

Now, I certainly believe I'm still in Nigeria for my thoughts have cascaded. If I'm wrong, correct me. Steve Jobs, the American who changed the face of technology in the world is long gone, but never will his impacts be forgotten. Renowned for the famous Apple (iPhones, iPads and a host of others), his companies, Apple and Pixar, has continued to dominate the tech world.

I think it's high time talents get harnessed and successfully utilized for the good of Nigeria's economy.

Guys, Oya! Do Something!!

Our politicians have done enough of politicking and poli-tricking. A Steve Jobs doesn't stop at a tech geek, it encompasses people with the trait of greatness.

Don't you think You and I are from our respective Ajegunles? So to say.
Published: 7/15/2017
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