The Night He Died

Just a random poem.
He came home dead drunk,
In the middle of the night,
And announced he was taking a number two,
My heart sunk-
I felt zero strength to fight,
I cried myself to sleep inside the loo,
Was this what I deserved for being a faithful wife?
How unfair is life!

An idea struck my mind,
Fast a solution I had to find,
Before the waters became too murky,
I had to try this, maybe I'd be lucky,
This madness had to come to an end,
Before she fully stepped into our lives, this fiend.

Tonight would be the time,
I didn't care a dime,
Cos the witch doctor had said it would be easy,
And that nobody would ever know,
See how it has turned messy,
If only to his house I didn't go,
The Witch doctor had lied,
Thus he died.

I feel the guilt written on my face,
Tiresome is the burden I carry on this case,
Maybe I should tell it all,
Even if it will mean my downfall,
Or better I should go to the priest and confess,
Then he might exorcise these demons that I possess.
Published: 1/17/2017
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