The Night of the Haunting - Chapter 3

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"What was that?" the girl in the pink pajamas with blue polka dots, Lily, exclaimed.
"I told you they weren’t kidding." Cynthia said.
"OK, we all kinda believe you now," a girl with pink pajamas, whose name was Lola, whimpered. "Well, at least I do."

Lola was the one that got scared easily, so you had to be careful when you snuck up on her not to scare her too badly, or she would scream so loud that whoever was in the house would come running and think someone was being strangled or something. So every time one of them wanted to scare her, they just said,"boo!" and that would scare her enough. She was so much fun to scare; they did it all the time. You would think she was used to it, but it never gets old.
"It could be anything," Christa said.
"Yeah, it could be anything," Lola agreed.
"Maybe it’s that thing Cynthia was telling us about." Lily guessed. She was one of the more rational ones. If she was freaking out then maybe things were worse than Cynthia wanted to believe.
"Yeah, maybe, let’s not count on it being nothing, though."

Cynthia didn’t want to scare them but they couldn’t just ignore whatever was out there, not after the phone call that Cynthia had gotten. She still didn’t want to believe it, but it made sense, after all. They had just been talking about scary things and, worst of all; she had mentioned the most terrible thing in this world or, possibly, the whole universe. The stories all said that they would come and get you if you mentioned them or even thought of them. She had done both. Now she was paying for it along with all her friends.
As soon as it had started, the explosion of light and sound was gone. The quiet was what could be expected after something so horrifying. It was an eerie, creepy quietness. So quiet that Cynthia almost wished that the explosion never stopped. She could feel that tension in the air, even Christa didn’t seem so sure it was just some nighttime animal. Everyone seemed to be thinking the same thing. This thing that was outside was no regular person or beast. This thing was an alien to this world. It was dangerous as well as mysterious. And it meant business. It would do anything, including risk getting caught, to get them. Well, even if it did get caught, that wouldn’t be enough to stop it for long. It was coming no matter what and nothing could save them now.

Cynthia almost started to panic, but she had to pull herself together, bad things happen if you start to panic, her mom had said when she was learning to swim. When she got the idea that if you calm down and move your arms and legs, you won’t sink.
This was kind of like learning to swim, but she wasn’t even in water. This was much worse than trying to swim, this was even more dangerous. The thing outside could kill you, so she had to stay floating, she couldn’t start to panic and sink, because everyone else would just go right along with her. Whatever was outside had showed up right on cue and it was out to get them.

Something hit the window and scraped down it like nails scraping on a chalk board, making Cynthia’s ears ring. Then another and another until the whole window looked like some type of weird tiger print. Right after that, something struck between two of the stripes and stuck there like a starfish sticks to a rock. More sticky things came.
"Let’s get out of here!" Lola was terrified now.
"Right behind you," Becki, still wearing her green pajamas with pink stripes, shrieked.
"Me too," Lily cried.
"I’m coming!" Cynthia shouted.
"Ok, I’m coming too." Christa said, acting like they were just going somewhere she didn’t really want to go but didn’t want to stay either instead of running for their lives.

They all ran for the door, Lola in the lead. When Lola reached the door, she seemed to have a difficult time opening it.
"It’s stuck!" Lola panicked.
"Pound on it or something," Christa fused. She ran to the door and started pounding it with her fists. Then, out of nowhere came a grappling hook.
"Oh, no, we’re dead!" Lola screeched.
"Ok, everyone go to the wall farthest from the window." Cynthia ordered.

They all ran to the left wall and huddled together.
"Now what do we do?" Becki asked, "Let them kill us?"
Cynthia sighed; Becki could be so pessimistic sometimes!
"Ugh, what do you think we do? Huh?" Christa exclaimed, trying to restore order. "I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not going to let some freaks take me without a fight!" just then, pieces of the window were coming out now.
"Yeah, let’s give them a fight! Come on," Cynthia urged.
"How are we going to do that?" Lily argued.
"I don’t know. How do you think?" Christa fumed, "How about you just chuck yourself at them? That ought to keep them busy for a while."
"Ok, let’s tr-"

A large shadow filled the room. It seemed more like multiple shadows than one, though. The shadows were slipping into the room in swarms. Cynthia couldn’t move and it wasn’t from fright, either, she really couldn’t move. Just like what happened to Jack.
"Aaah! How are we supposed to fight? I can’t even move," Becki complained.
"Oh, be quiet, Beck," Christa said, obviously really mad at her.
The shadows had stopped moving. They were nowhere to be seen.
"Maybe they went away?" Lily didn’t sound too sure of that.
"We can’t see them, maybe they can read minds and they know that if we could see them, we would fight them, so they are hiding now," Christa wondered aloud, not making sense.

Christa is the kind of person who likes to act tough. She was having some problems with her family. One day she came to school with a big bruise on her cheek. She had said it was nothing; she just tripped over something while racing her older sister. Cynthia believed her until she started not going to school and when she did, she would have another scrape or bruise. Christa only said that it was from hiking or something like that. But Cynthia had different ideas.

On day she had asked to go to Christa’s house since she had been to hers millions of times. Christa had only waved her off and said her parents didn’t like her friends to come over, bad experience, not going there again. Cynthia had to beg a lot before Christa had finally gave in after she had brought up the fact that that she had been to her house but Cynthia had never been to hers. That was the big clue, going to Christa’s house.
When she got there, one of Christa’s sisters had answered the door. She didn’t know which one because she has two older sisters. One is 16 and one is 14. That is besides her older brother that went missing a while back, not that it concerned their mom and dad, that’s 18 and her younger sister that’s 6.

The sister that opened the door seemed nice, but kind of rude. She answered the door with a rude, "What do you want?" and a glare. It was only when she said that she was here to see Christa that she let her in. Then she met her mom.
Christa’s mom had brown hair, which all the girls have, and brown eyes. She was a little more polite and offered fresh baked cookies, which Cynthia politely refused.
Later, she met Christa’s dad and, boy, was he mad she was there! He came storming up the stairs and opened the door to Christa’s room without knocking. It reminded Cynthia of the time she stole something of her parents, they almost started to swear at her. Only he actually started to cuss Christa out like she had done something illegal like selling drugs or something. Cynthia had no idea why he was so mad at her. That was when Cynthia guessed what had really happened to Christa.

Christa’s father was sort of good- looking, for an older person. He looked about the same age as her mother, around 40. He had dirty blond hair, the same as Christa’s brother, and blue eyes, all the children have blue eyes also.
After that day, Cynthia finally understood why Christa acted the way she did and began to be more tolerant of her because she knew the problems she had to deal with everyday. That day brought them closer together because now Christa knew that Cynthia knew about what went on in her life and could be more open to her. That’s one of the reasons they are such good friends.
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Published: 4/20/2011
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