The Nile River

What y'all think about this poem.
The Nile River leaks as I stand on the moon,
I can only move slow, not fast as I should,
I never been called a fool,
But people's mind tells me I should,
Think other whys.

Why lie from the pressure I’m feeling,
Inside me it’s bursting and revealing,
The heat, the rage, and the betray on my people,
As shatter me into this sequel,
It’s been over 1000 years,
I still live in the fear.

My eyesight is blurry,
The bullshit is scary,
But the hope of being overwhelm,
Just like when Cinderella hears,
The clock that strikes at 12,
I am a woman of evil thoughts,
When I think differently.

I have to fight harder because of the color of my skin,
I am bothered by the way my hair won’t grow,
Because they are trying to make me inferior,
But the beauty marks of the places where nobody knows,
Flows through me and blows.
Do you like it?
Of course.
Published: 6/5/2014
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