The Nurse's Story

A poem I wrote a while back with inspiration deriving from the Canterbury tails... It's a poem displaying the dangers of love enjoy.
Sit down and listen to what I say
There was a man in love one day
He was single and completely sane
There was a woman standing in the lane
Her name was Emily and she was his love.

The man saw her as light from above
He knew he had to have her smile
All he had to do was walk a mile
To see her beautiful eyes
He could not look away for he was hypnotized.

Her figure was no less than perfection
But she was picky and had strict selection
He saw her on his walk everyday
Yet knew not what he could say
Maybe he could surprise her with a gift?
Or be kind enough to give her a lift?

He knew not of what to do
Or possibly what to say to who
All he knew was she had his life
He would do anything for her to be his wife.

One day decided to confront the girl
He said he was sick of waiting, he will give it a whirl
Everything he said about her comes out this day
He decided before he left he would pray.

Please Lord this girl has my heart
Without her my world would fall apart
I just pray for you to make my life
Please Lord make this women my wife
So with that he picked up the floor.

Before he took a breath and walked out the door
He walked the mile only to see her face
He wanted to find a spot where his speech would take place
Then he saw her and pulled her aside
"Listen to my words I have never lied."

I would never hurt or ever break
So, please I ask for heaven's sake
Take me as your man
And I'll do the best I can
The man was then rejected.

For she had already selected
The man wept and ran home
There he laid in his bed alone
He laid there and contemplated
On what she had desecrated.

He would have revenge
For it was his heart he would avenge
He went out to find the dame
No longer sober no longer sane
He chased her all through the town.

In his eyes she was meant for a crown
She is no longer with us now
He thought he did good he ended with a bow
He is now here with us in sorrow
But he won't just be here today but tomorrow.
Published: 7/22/2011
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