The Ocean's Wave

A poem of hearts and Internet dating.
On the Internet dating sites,
You take your chances,
So many profiles,
You give just glances,
Like the waves on the ocean blue,
We surf through waves of people all new,
Most for different reasons,
For some from season to season.

It started out as an ocean's wave,
From one shore to the next,
Hard to find each other,
With just a brief feeling all wrote in text,
Starting with a line on a dating site find,
I didn't mind,
I was just trying to unwind.

I came across someone sweet, sincere and so deep,
Though they lived across the sea of blue,
I thought not a thing of giving them their due.

I read in their remark,
"Please don't be so rude as it is polite to respond, at least give a clue",
Of which was written with some banter,
They prophet not to leap...
For friendship is all one should seek...
Speaking as all knowing in their candor.

One email was all it took,
To turn our lives into a book,
And so I step toward the edge of love to fall,
Only to fear this puts their back against the wall,
Our values are the same but needs so different in life,
As Friendship verses Romance,
And so the storm gathers with strife.

Should we travel to see each other,
One day only to leave with remorse?
After time and trust gained,
I traveled to find this out of course,
We are who we are to live from afar,
We are as the day is to night.

No matter how often we write,
We can't get on the same page,
Though try as we might,
Our hearts and minds are in the same stage of forgiving,
That of which we can't gage,
Without knowing where we're going, it's all a wage.

Yet in all the time of tugging on opposite ends of rope,
Neither of us gave up hope,
Both of us were so fond of,
What we so caringly built together as our bond,
We debate to configure friendship or romance,
Though we've been through the mill we declare,
Call it what you will.

Like the waves that break and touch land,
And softly licks the beaches' sand,
With bond we roll together holding hands,
Ebb and flow... high and low...
In and out... we believe and doubt.

And so our promise,
We gave as we determined our bond to save,
With each and every ocean's wave.
Published: 4/17/2013
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