The Old Days Of Purity

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A tag not so-peculiar reads,
"Virginity is not a dignity but lack of an opportunity."

They say wake up this is 21st century,
An era characterizes by choice and full of surprises,
An era where it is apt to refer to you as a coward,
Coward 'cos you chose to be a virgin,
With eyes all misty, I wonder and ponder,
If it's a crime to be Celibate?

The street is now a podium,
Where ladies flaunt their bodies with no remorse,
The guys have become shag maniac,
Homo-erotic now made a doddle by the social media,
I locked myself up and turn to movies,
Just to keep my lustful pleasure at bay,
But that per second couldn't help, but evoke dirty memories.

I forfeited grooves and beats and confirmed with purity,
I ran to my brother in the faith,
A supposed citadel for lost and troubled soul as mine,
Their public persona was quite different,
Different from what I see them do behind closed door,
Here I wait in perpetual hope for the good manana to come,
For the good old days once shared by the Raconteur.

Those days when the sole craving of every girl,
Is to preserve the virginity of the other,
Days when boys turn blind eyes,
At the sight of an underdressed opposite sex,
When two adults in courtship gladly wait until after the blessing,
I can't help, but wish that those old days of purity come around again.
Published: 12/7/2013
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