The Old Heritage

Love your elders, you will be loved by your children.
"The things that take time to be made,
Are the most valuable as they grow older."
My grandfather tells me,
When he took a stone nearby the beach,
We went for a walk in a morning.

"See, my honey, when a diamond sparks,
It takes your heart away,
It shines, glitters, and attracts to everyone's eyes,
What makes it special?
Why doesn't coal stand the same?
Although same carbon substance made both of them,
The more the facets, the more is the shine,
How old things seem more valuable!"

I used to listen to him, when it comes to experience,
Old people are young in their thoughts and sharp in mind,
Old are the gold and respect those that belong to us,
They are our ancestors, and they store the history,
Not to repeat the past in advance to fasten our life.

The rock that stands, broke into the pieces of stones,
The river takes these stones along with her flow,
Before the stones were rough with sharp edges,
Roll and roll with for years, playing with river,
Turns into a round, shiny, and smooth glossy,
People took them for the multiple purposes,
Some for buildings, and some for decorations,
And some take the form of gold.

With an astonished surprise,
How great is the God, who makes our old heritage,
Love your elders and grandparents,
They're the gems of your life.
Published: 10/14/2013
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