The One I Once Loved

When it becomes inevitable that it is over...
Looking outside through opaque windows,
We watch the world go by in a blur,
So many bachelors and merry widows,
Sing songs filled with all the wrong words.
We're on the same ship but in different boats,
Adrift on an unspoken breath,
The silence between us buttons our coats,
Lest our cold be the harvest of Death.

We try talking to bring our thoughts together,
But alas, we take two different paths,
You talk about them, I talk about weather,
And we both avoid talking about us.
Tell me, my dear, and do tell me truly,
Have you drifted too far to return?
So what happens now, do we simply let be,
And continue to live with the scorn?

I know you love me but do you want me?
To be honest, I'm not sure of myself,
Do I want you to remain and love me?
Or should we both go try find someone else?
We've exhausted all our apologies,
The damage seems past restoration,
For we cannot surpass our own apogee,
We can only come down in frustration.

I could ask you a million and one questions,
But I know that you'll fail to reply,
For our life, of late, has lost it's relation,
As we both look for new signs of life,
It seems that we're dead as relations die,
As the jewelers and florists close their doors,
I watch moths develop from butterflies,
And the brittle disease of the rose.

My heart will always hold a place for you,
For memories are hard to surrender,
But although it may break a heart in two,
Sometimes love needs to be surrendered,
I give up, I give in, I free you to contentment,
May you prosper in life and in love.
As for me, let me live my little lament,
And keep aching for the one I once love!

Published: 3/16/2020
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