The One That I Loved

The heartache of being left behind in the dying embers of a burnt out love affair.
Well I slept with you and I wept for you,
And I helped you through times that were hard,
I prayed for you and the Lord, He knew,
For he's the one who dealt the cards,
He dealt you an ace and He dealt me a knave,
And your straight flush beat my pair,
You packed your bags with all your glad rags,
And you left me without a care.

Well, I remember a show, a long time ago,
Lacquered in sunshine and rose,
But I read your lie's paper thin disguise,
And our love's been laid down in repose.
Your romance was no good, a mere interlude,
To a passion play reflected in tears,
And now I don't know; what I'll do; where I'll go,
But I guess that's the least of my fears.

I watch the sun fall as the stars start to crawl,
Across a black sky; from the east,
My heart moans and wails for a love that failed,
And I know the Lord's let loose the Beast;-
For burning shame runs through my veins,
Burning holes in my heart and my soul,
And my spirit won't fly, it's laid down to die;
Pining for the love that you stole.

I know that you'll glow in a new lover's prose,
You have a charm that some men can't resist,
And I know that they'll vie to have you by their side,
As I try not to miss what I kissed.
Maybe some day, I'll watch you fly away,
On the wings of a wedding-gowned dove,
Me? I'll just wail over a love that has failed,
Remembering the one that I loved!

Published: 2/3/2020
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