The Pair

Cat and the dog...........
I could hear the sound of my walking stick.
But, this serene silence would never prick.
I was the lone walker in that forest.
Moon was rising at the setting sun’s behest.
The pathway was sheltered by the trees.
Moonlight could be seen thro’ the leaves.
Branches began to sway with the sudden breeze.
There was sprinkle of the pollens of maize.
A bark and a mew were heard in the dense mass.
Surprised and startled, I took a moment’s pause.
Coming out of the greenery was a rarest pair.
Their eyes were giving me a friendly glare!
The two were having a friendly chat.
After a while, they decided to squat.
Close to the dog nestled the cat!
The carnivore’s ears protected it like a hat!
Nature’s ways are changing for the better…..
Seen was this in the pair’s non stop chatter!
I chuckled to myself rest of the way.
My seniors’ home will have rest of the say!
Published: 6/24/2008
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