The Rain has Come

A few verses on how the rains are appreciated after a long and hot summer........
The cloudless sky, the dusty earth,
All signs of summer in view;
The endless heat, the empty river,
Tis time for rain to renew.

The first drops fall, like tears from the sky,
To soothe the burning land;
To fill the river til it runneth over,
And to answer the prayer of man.

From gleeful shouts in the smoldering streets,
To relief in the farmers field;
The rain has brought happiness galore
And kept the drought all sealed.

The earth looks fresh and new and green,
All washed up and serene;
People all over enjoy this rain,
That has kept the world all clean.

A cloudy sky, with rumbling above,
Flashes of light here and there;
The rains have come, to glorious delight
Tis no time to stand and stare.

Go out and enjoy the cold fresh air,
Run in the rain soaked land;
For before you know it summer will be here,
The seasons have all been planned.
By Edward K.
Published: 5/23/2009
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