The Ramblings of a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl: Priorities (8)

This series focuses on the real-life stories of everybody. A rambling that allows one to realize. The series that allows people to get a breather and to breathe. Sometimes you just have to let it all out, don't you think?
Volume Eight: Priorities

Have you ever looked back at any memories you’ve ever had in past… and just laughed?

It doesn’t have to be a particularly funny memory… it can be an embarrassing moment in school, a stupid decision at work, or a pitiful love life that you wish never even existed. A moment where it wasn’t funny at that particular time period, but looking back at it after some time - you couldn’t help but laugh.

Don’t worry, it’s normal.

As they say, "What may seem so tragic before can be funny a year later. "If you’ve ever read any of my stories, articles, or individual pieces - you may notice one line that never fails to show up.

"Life has a funny way of doing things."

It does, doesn’t it? One second you feel like you’d fail at any given moment, that you wouldn’t have any chance of succeeding; the next you find yourself in the very top of things, adored by the entire world.

How, you ask? By prioritizing.

I was a girl that never failed at making friends. I hate to brag, but making friends come naturally. However, there’s a downfall to that as well. You see, I also never fail at losing them after a year. Funny enough, every single time I consider someone a ‘close’ friend of mine, they end up leaving my side. It was until it hit me.

I never considered caring about the quality of the people I was with, I only cared about the quantity. I prioritized having a group of people with me at all times, yet never did I care about finding out who, out of all of them, would actually keep my secrets. I prioritized popularity over reality - well, I learned the hard way. I lost most of them, my secrets were spread out in school, and I fell into deep depression. It took a while until I finally met the very few people who stayed with me, but had such things not happen to me, I would still be stuck in that pitiful, endless cycle.

Ah, Love. We can’t forget that.

I have been loved, cared for, protected by and adored deeply by those around me. Of course, I was also humiliated, hated, forgotten, and left by those who I used to love. May it be someone I loved romantically, my family, my friends, or those you simply knew - we have felt those emotions before. The problem is that we never prepare ourselves.

Someone you genuinely love could cause turmoil between the two of you, causing you to prioritize your pride over your relationship. I loved a boy once, and I believed he loved me back. But after a meaningless fight about something I couldn’t even remember anymore - we broke apart. The friction grew bigger by the time, and had we not prioritized our own selfishness and egos, maybe we would still be together.

There’s also the love for yourself.

Have you ever hated yourself? Your looks weren’t to your approval, your passions weren’t as exciting as others, your way of doing things were completely ‘boring,’ you feel like you have all the problems in the world and you just wished you were someone else?

Of course, who wouldn’t?

You would be lying to yourself if you said that there wasn’t a time you wanted to be anyone but you. However, has it ever occurred to you that limiting yourself to what you are now, without trying to take a glimpse of what you can be later on, will really stop you from moving forward?

I hated myself for weighing more than 40 kg, like my beautiful next-door-neighbor. I wish I was a little taller, I wish I was prettier, smarter, and someone who people would actually look up to. But then I stopped wishing.

I started doing.

I started exercising, I started studying more, I looked through several fashion magazines, I got a haircut, and I started participating in events instead of locking myself in my room. I finally prioritized my life by improving myself, rather than simply wishing to be improved - without lifting a finger.

Priorities can be defined by several meanings.

One, is prioritizing your life according to someone’s wishes.

Second, is prioritizing your life according to someone’s values

And third, is prioritizing your life - the way you, yourself, see fit.

Honestly, do more for yourself. Simply wishing, hoping, and dreaming will do half the work. It helps, since you did start thinking of it. But the next half is doing. Once you set your priorities straight, you will realize a year later just how far you’ve gone. It may not be the place you want to be, but be thankful it isn’t where you used to be. Priorities will reflect your growth as a person, as someone who wants to become someone better, and hopefully the one person you’ve always wanted to become.

Hey, maybe you’d become evermore.
Published: 5/2/2014
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