The Razor's Edge

When the heart is broken, the mind faces a dilemma.
Yesterday is dead and gone,
You can't go back to yesterday,
Tomorrow sings another song,
Which can't be heard until today.

You can't live in the future,
When the present's already here,
You can't live in the past,
In a bubble of yesterday's tears.

Fear is the corruption of optimism,
Discard your fears and start again,
Today can be a new beginning,
To wash away the tears and pain.

Yesterday, your heart was broken,
Tomorrow calls you to remain,
As today, your mind is looking,
For a simple way to ease the pain.

Step away from yesterday,
Move forward in the present tense,
Let the fear that grips you fade away,
Step back from the razor's edge.

Tomorrow holds a brighter promise,
How bright, depends upon today,
And if today, your spirit's honest,
Then tomorrow blooms, come what may.

Let yesterday write its epitaph,
To all the pain you leave behind,
Use today to start again,
And let your conscience be your guide.
Published: 3/5/2015
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