The Real Player: "Drake"

Article of musical pride.
"Started from the bottom." Umm umm, Drake's quote. He is an artist that hits a very high profile. He is a mastermind of lyrical collaboration. He is famous and always will be. Drake, you are a real Ole G' nullified brother.

In your journey you have truly given great musical messages that are real. You have your life in the right direction. A big understanding in which is way beyond some. You are a model of our age of music. I respect you and hope many do.

In the rap industry, many artists such as yourself have been starting to open up with your messages in your art. Which has helped artists come farther along and become what they dreamed to be. I wonder if anyone could get just one chance to know what was running through your head, you realized you was famous. Many people love a confident yet humble being such as yourself. You can believe your career has way more in store for you.

Welcome brother you have become entertainment to readers not about your career, but making history, being acknowledged as 'The Real Player'. An honor, a pleasure, a recognition above all an all out Great Artist.
Published: 10/3/2015
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