The Real Player: The Undeniable Ice Cube

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It's been awhile, but I am back! And what comes to mind when I think of hip-hop? Well, it is simple my friends, Ice Cube is the subject in this article. I watched Straight Outta Compton and I loved it. What I didn't know is that Ice Cube was holding it down. And hard! He has written some beautiful songs, with N.W.A, he was a vital asset. I stepped back into the shell, I didn't think Cube had done these things. Truth be known, his words changed the course of the Rap community. Rather he had to be nice, or all out Old' G'.

Ice Cube can possibly be one of the best lyrical Rapper since blowing the scene with N.W.A. When they were on stage and started singing 'Fuck tha Police'. After that show, they run away, with fans throwing fire and trash in the streets. That is straight Ole' G' style. That was the gate to the new style of rap, gangster, and I would think their problems were documented and learned from.

Suge was shown as the evil leader, trying to buy their soul or roll. The Manager of N.W.A. was using them as well. Ice was not taking it, as he should have originally and did his own thing. Like a boss, Cube left the organization. He began his own art, and the fans love it. He raps on a lot of issues. We all felt his uprising. Born to be good, pushed into a dead path. He was having none of that and created what he wanted. I didn't realize how well he wrote and sang. Some of his songs, I confused with other artists. His stuff is dope. I used to jam Cube on my Boom Boxx and didn't know who it even was until I watched the movie. It shows me he was the father of things to come. He is a bonafide Rapper, an old 'G'. The Real Player of Gangster rap, and what comes.
Published: 9/8/2015
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