The Road to Destiny

A poem of hope. When the journey seems so long, there lies your awaited prize.
It may be so dark today,
And you feel like there is no way,
To an extent your faith is swayed,
It seems like your sins are getting paid,
Relax, look up to the sky,
Maybe it's time you again must try.

It is darkest while approaching dawn,
A new morning means all your worries are gone,
An accomplished dream is what you want to see,
A successful person is who you want to be,
Be bold and never mind,
Your real purpose awaits you to find.

When the road seems weary,
When your dreams looks fairy,
And your faith grows slippery,
The road longer,
The journey tougher,
Know that the road to destiny is shorter than a mile,
So look forward with confidence and smile.
Published: 12/2/2017
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