The Scripture and my Life

The holy scripture is an embodiment of life in all its capacities.
Searching through the Scripture,
I picked my personal picture,
From the first day to my future,
Every known and unknown feature,
Are all present in the holy Scripture.

The book of Genesis explains my genesis,
The book of Joshua calls for my services,
Esther gives insight to beauty and its fallacies,
And Psalms stir my mouth with choruses.

Proverbs speak destruction to my iniquity,
While Ecclesiastes relate life to vanity,
The book of Amos publishes unity,
And Jonah executes God's sovereignty.

Matthew welcomes to the world baby Jesus,
Who for my sins, later made His blood a resource,
The book of Acts registers Jesus' Ascension,
But I'm assured of His coming in Revelation.

Millions have gone astray,
But He hand-picked me from the miry clay,
Leads me to the perfect way,
For His salvation in me to lay.
Published: 1/22/2015
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