The Sea-Maiden

The truth about my heritage.
She lives among us, but is set apart,
One with the ocean, and yet she lives on land,
Torn between two worlds,
She dreams of moonlit waves she may never see.

Sirenic voices call to her,
Begging her to come home,
She sings alone and only the moon listens,
Protecting her from her own hand,
Preventing the loneliness from taking over.

She cries saltwater tears every night,
Begging God to return her home,
But she never gets an answer.

A starfish as a reminder of her heritage,
Bound to her finger by a silver band,
She holds this secret close to her heart,
Like the ocean blue necklace she wears,
Gifts from below the surface.

She is unique,
A miracle of God,
A water angel,
She wears her wings on her heart,
She is a maiden of the sea.
Published: 3/24/2014
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