The Secret

Parents fight all the time but there is never "not" a reason. Cancer has killed many, and I am sorry for those who had to find out in this kind of situation.
They fight all the time;
Day till the night;
They say things are fine;
Then why do they fight;

Truth is forbidden;
Because when told It could kill;
The little hope left that you gave me when I was a child;

You said we don't fight;
And I tell you you're lying;
Then you start to cry and say yes baby I'm dying;

You're dyeing but why;
Cancer they say;
Your father knows to and he's going away;
He says he can't take this;

The pressure is too high;
He can't waste his life with a woman who's to die;
And that's why I cry in my pillow at night;
Why didn't you tell me I would've put up a fight?

Darling there isn't time to fight the inevitable;
We have no more money;
And he took your college funds last night;
I'm sorry darling but your mother is dyeing;

It's ok don't apologize;
We'll get by till you're gone;
But darling what will you do when you mother is gone;
I will stay with grandma she loves me you know;

Yes stay with my mother and she'll keep you well;
I know this mother now let's get you to bed;
Cancer is nasty and it doesn't suit you so well;
Goodnight my mother and maybe tomorrow;
You'll end up in heaven and hopefully not hell.
Published: 5/14/2010
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