The Signature

A signature changed my life totally.
I'm very interested in sports. Actually I'm very much interested in watching and playing cricket. I'm a good batsman. I missed most of the catches but my fielding is good. My friends and I have the habit of watching live matches in the ground. This time also my friend, Parnell called me to watch a live action. The ticket costs Rs. 3500, but I just had Rs. 1500 and needed Rs. 2000 more. So I think, I should just go and ask my mom. I went home with Parnell.

I noticed that my mom, Stella was very happy than before. I asked her, "Why are you happy today?" She replied with her smiling face, "Today is a very special day for me. I went to DASAVATHARAM film audio release festival. The special guest was Jackie Chan, the world's superstar. After the function got over, I went near him and asked for an autograph. But I didn't have paper. He was about to leave, so I gave my 1000 rupee note. He signed and returned it back to me. I'm very happy now and I'm the luckiest person ever." Seeing this, I thought that this is the good chance for me to ask money. So I asked my mom to give me Rs. 2000. She said that she had only Rs.1000 and gave that to me. Now I have Rs. 2500 and I need Rs. 1000 more.

My mom said that she is going to take a bath now and went to bathroom. So I thought, this is the chance for me to steal Rs.1000. I took my mom's purse where she kept Rs.1000 that was signed by the Superstar. I believed that my mom won't scold me for this simple 1000 rupee note, so I stole it.

Parnell and I rushed to the stadium because there is no booking for tickets. The tickets should be bought directly without any reservation. When we reached the cricket stadium, there were a few people waiting in a very long line to buy the tickets. However the people standing in long line moved fast and I bought the ticket. The match has started. At one time, the captain of team 'A' hit the ball to the six and the interesting thing was that I caught the ball. I shouted and danced for sometime. The crowd who were near me clapped for me. That time I understood how to catch the ball. After the match got over, the captain of team 'A' called me and gave me the ball which had his signature. I kept it inside my pocket.

When I came out of the ground, the police arrested and took me to the jail. They called me for the inquiry. I asked them that why was I arrested. The police replied, "Stella, a lady gave us a complaint that her 1000 rupee note which contained the Jackie Chan's signature was stolen by someone. After that, we went to the cricket stadium for security and we informed everyone in the stadium to catch the person who brings Rs. 1000 with the signature. When the match was going, a girl from the ticket counter called me and showed me that the camera inside the ticket counter captured you with your 1000 rupee note, then we confirmed that you are the thief."

Oh God, sir, Stella is none other than my mother. To confirm this the police called my mother and inquired her. But my mom said not to release me because she loves Jackie Chan more than me. So the police said that I'll be imprisoned for 1 month.

I stood up and the ball fell down from my pocket. The police noticed the signature of the captain of team 'A' in the ball. So they thought that I had stolen that costly ball, so they said that I'll be imprisoned for 1 year.

The signature of the famous personalities changed my life and pushed me to the prison... OMG.


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Published: 4/14/2014
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