The Soul and The Reaper - Chapter 3

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"What exactly is a Reaper Center?" I asked as I hurried to catch up to Luke's long strides. Damn him and his long legs. Luke said nothing and simply spun his scythe before replying, "It's more like a huge mansion for Reapers. Of course, we're called Soul Reapers. Reapers, for short. Anyway, Reapers have very important jobs. And we're all skilled in Martial Arts, Kendo, and Judo. Of course, you learned those when you were... alive, so I'll give you different training like magic, and how to jump from very high rooftops and land on the ground without breaking a single bone."

"Oh please, the rooftop thing has to be a joke," I said and Luke glanced at me with an evil smile.

"Oh? Is that so?" He mused and I shook my head frantically.

"No, no, no. So, what's the important job? Why is it hard to enter the Reapers' job?" I hastily asked, not wanting to provoke Luke.

"Well, that Reapers are like guardians. We are guardians of the Reaping World. We protect the Souls from evil and harmful demons that try to eat them. Of course, we engage in wars sometimes but that was a long time ago. We just go around in teams and eliminate any demons who pose a threat to us." Luke said, kicking a stone and then whirled his scythe around.

"Demons exist?" I asked, surprised, and Luke muttered something and a huge black portal appeared.

"Of course they do!" He said, pretending to be shocked and horrified at my question, and then pushed me into the portal. I yelled with surprise and landed my face on a very soft rug.

"You have a knack of pushing people into portals," I grumbled, lifting my head up. Luke laughed and began walking down the aisle.

"LUCIAN! You will be a gentleman, and go back, and pick the poor lady up and dust her off, and help her to the training center!" Yelled a woman and Luke froze. He stiffly turned around, walked towards me, hauled me up and then gruffly invisible dust off my shoulders.

"Exactly. A gentleman must always look after a lady," the woman said as she walked closer to us. I admired her grace and posture. She was beautiful though. She had beautiful jet black hair that was neatly tied in a bun, and was wearing a beautiful ivory dress, and reached her ankles and she looked so... queenly. Her eyes were stormy gray yet she looked amused in a way.

"Sorry mother," Luke muttered and the woman smiled. My eyes grew wide with shock and I noticed the resemblance of Luke and his mother.

"My, my, you look shocked, my child," Luke's mother said and I stammered, "Oh... no. I... um..."

"Please, cal me Rosalie. And just Rosalie. No formalities. We, Reapers, like to be good friends with one another. So no need for formalities unless we're talking with our main captain." Rosalie said and I nodded.

"And you are...?" Rosalie asked and I said, "Melanie Greene." Rosalie covered her mouth with her hand, hiding a laugh, and said, "No need to say your last name. Last name doesn't matter here in the Reaping World." I nodded, blushing about my mistake, and Rosalie looked at Luke.

"Train her. I'll be off now. I'll have a word with your father if you're going to be a rude gentleman next time." Rosalie said with a faint smile, and Luke smirked and said, "Of course mother."

Rosalie nodded at me once and then left. Luke gestured for me to continue to walk forward, and I followed him to another door and gasped when I entered the room. There were training mats everywhere that covered the beautiful marble floors and there were marble pillars covered with different designs. There were different training equipment everywhere and even wires hanging from the ceiling.

"Okay, let's see what you got. Hit me." Luke said, after we positioned ourselves on a mat. We were standing in front of each other, and Luke threw his scythe up to the sky and I saw it disappear.

"You'll learn that trick later when you have a scythe," Luke said, seeing my surprised look and I nodded.

"Okay, now hit me little girl," Luke smirked and I muttered, "Who said I was a little girl?"

I looked at Luke and wondered how I should do it. Of course, I still remembered the things I learned from Martial Arts class but I was a bit unsure for Luke. He could be very experienced since I don't know how long he was a Reaper. I lunged at Luke, aiming to tackle him down first, but Luke dodged and I fell to the ground. He whipped around, aiming to kick me, but I blocked it with my arm. Pain shot up my arm and I gritted my teeth, not willing to show any pain. I aimed for a punch on the face but Luke blocked it, and using that opportunity, I grabbed the front of his shirt, kicked his leg from the back, and flipped him over. Then suddenly, I felt something grab the back of my shirt, and I felt myself flying over Luke and land next to him.

"Not bad newbie," Luke said getting up, and straightened his shirt. I huffed and got up, brushing myself.

"I guess we'll leave Martial Arts alone. I'll just teach you some magic and some other different training. But we can start that tomorrow. We have lots to do tomorrow. But now, follow me." Luke said and gestured towards a door.

I began walking towards it and Luke guided me to another door with my name engraved on it.

"Your room. Only you can enter it and no one else. They'll need your permission to enter your room. And this goes for everyone here." Luke said and I nodded. He then said, "You'll find food and clothes, just like how you did when you were in your little cottage. Same thing here. But I shall leave you now, and have a good night Melanie." He began walking away and with a jolt, I realized he said my name.

"Good night Luke," I called and Luke simply raised a hand without looking back and then entered the training room. I entered my room and smiled at the homeliness. I immediately headed to my bed and laid down, smiling at how Luke said my name.

"Agh!" I said, slapping myself softly. Why was I thinking about it? I then thought about how Luke looked when he praised me earlier. I had seen a shiny look in his eyes mixed with wonder and shock, yet there was pride in it too.

"Stop thinking about him!" I scolded myself gently and then snuggling the extra pillow, I fell asleep.


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