The Soul and The Reaper - Chapter 5

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I continued to follow Luke until he took us into a different training center. There were mats everywhere but this time, there were even wires hanging everywhere. Like, you know those wires that and those stunts or actors get to use to look like they're jumping super high in the movies? Yeah, just like those. Except this wasn't some movie set thing. This was actually in the training center. And I think Luke was serious about the jumping off the roof thing too.

"Okay, let's get down to basics," Luke began as he pointed to a set of wires.

"First I'll clip you to wires. Then you're going to climb a tall ladder and go on a springing board. Then you're going to land. Perfectly. Without breaking a bone," Luke said and I raised an eyebrow.

"Is that it?" I asked, skeptical and Luke noticed my skeptical tone.

"Sure why not," he said and my jaw dropped open. No way he was serious!

"Close that mouth or I'll toss in a horrible smelly sock in there," he said, turning around, and I silently cursed him. He strapped me into this big black fat thing that went around my waist and clipped me on to the wires.

"Climb," he ordered, pointing at the ladder that I didn't notice before. I muttered, "What a jerk," and Luke sneered, "Okay if I'm such a jerk, why don't you hit me now newbie?" I turned around, mad, and yelled, "Oh yeah? Okay fine I will! You jerk!" I aimed to punch his face and lunged straight for him but the bastard dodged it and suddenly jerked on the wire. I screamed as I flew upwards and saw Luke clutching his stomach, laughing. He even rolled on to the floor, the little dirty bastard. I began to descend slowly and managed to land on the springboard that Luke talked about earlier. I held on to it for dear life as I tried to catch my breath and Luke said annoyingly, "Having fun newbie?"

"You knew this would happen!" I snapped and Luke shrugged.

"Yes well, that's what you get for calling a wonderful gentleman like me... a jerk," Luke called and then sat down on one of the training mats. I grumbled and sat up, looking down and my eyes widened at the height. I was really, really high and I could already imagine myself as a pancake once I hit the bottom.

"Jump!" Luke yelled and I shook my head.

"Just jump! You won't turn into a flat pancake!" He yelled and I gulped. How would he know I was thinking of that? I cautiously sat up and hesitantly looked down. Luke was still sitting down, sprawled on the mat, and he jerked his head, motioning for me to jump. I silently cursed Luke again and then cautiously stood up. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, then did the brave thing. I jumped. I squeezed my eyes shut tighter, bracing for the impact, waiting for the pain, but nothing happened. I opened one eye and wala, there I was. Alive. Standing in front of Luke who was holding me by the waist. I blinked and Luke blinked back. I blinked again and Luke blinked again at me.

"I'm....alive," I said, surprised, and Luke rolled his eyes and snorted.

"Please. You're already dead," he said and I smashed my fist into his gut.

"That didn't hurt," he said with a blank expression and I gritted my teeth.

"So um... how did we.... get into this?" I asked, nervous by the fact that Luke still kept his hands on my waist.

"Well you were jumped... and you looked so silly with your eyes shut, and your arms stuck straight to your sides. Of course, the wires slows you down when you reach the bottom so you can land on your feet but then I remembered if you don't land on your feet, the wire would bounce you right back up. So I just caught you so you won't go flying up high again," Luke said and he suddenly leaned close to my face. I could smell his sweet scent, some strange cologne mixed with a faint scent of honey. I grew dizzy from the scent and was aware of the fact that Luke was leaning closer and closer.

"I...." I said dumbly and Luke was really, really close. Our noses were barely touching and I could feel his breath on my lips. He was so close.... Luke's eyes were staring straight into mine and Luke suddenly smiled a devilish smile.

"I hope you enjoy your flight up," he whispered, faintly brushing his lips on mine, and then suddenly jerked on the wire, then sprung backwards.

"Huh?" I said, dazed from that slight brush of lips and before I knew it, I was flying upwards.

"Luke!" I screamed and Luke was rolling on the floor, clutching his stomach and laughing. I managed to get to the springboard again and clutched on for dear life. Oh hell no. Luke did it again. But then again... we slightly kissed. Kissed! And it was my first kiss! I touched my lips, still feeling the slight brush of lips from Luke and then shook my head. No way. I can't like a creep like Luke who does it for fun and makes me go up this high and cling on a springboard for dear life. Honestly, I'm a freaking black belt! I shouldn't be a little wimp now! Determined, I stood up and look down, noticing that Luke had noticed a change in my attitude. He stopped laughing and he looked at me with a serious yet a bit amused expression. This is it. This is when I'll prove, I'm not a wimp. Taking a deep breath, I jumped. I could feel the air rushing past me and I sorta stretched out my arms and instinctively bent my right leg. So I looked like some fairy that is delicately landing on the surface except I wasn't just delicately landing on the surface. The ground was rushing up to meet me faster than I expected and yet, I felt the wire slowing me down and I landed on my feet. Perfectly.

"Good job Mel!" Said a familiar voice and I turned around and saw Ian.

"Ian!" I said and Ian grinned.

"Is it alright if I call you Mel?" He asked and I nodded. Luke came up from behind Ian and said, "Not bad newbie. Not bad. Still needs work. Plus, try not to look like a fairy that's trying to land delicately. Looks like crap."

"Oh please Luke, praise her for once. She did pretty good. Plus, she did look like a fairy descending," Ian said, grinning and I blushed at his praise. It felt nice to be praised by doing something I had never done before.

"Alright, I'm sending you back up," Luke said and Ian stopped him by extending an arm and said, "No. Let her try."

I blinked and said, "How do I do it?"

"Simply jump but as much energy as you can," Ian said and I nodded. I stepped backwards and then jumped and felt myself flying upwards. I landed on the springboard and wondered if the wires were adjusted to always make the person land on the springboard. I looked down and saw Ian nodding encouragingly at me and Luke looking sour behind him. Hah, someone's in a bad mood.

"Jump Mel! You can do it!" Ian encouraged and I jumped. This time, I felt more confident and when I landed neatly, Ian clapped. Luke simply said in an irritating sarcastic tone, "Beautiful." Ian sighed and nudged Luke. Luke looked away and then walked off to another spot.

"Don't worry. He's like that sometimes," Ian said and then strapped himself to another pair of wires. He then came over to me and adjusted something then stepped back.

"Why don't we practice together?" Ian asked, grinning, and my eyes widened with alarm.

"But, don't you have other things to do? I must be bothering you!" I exclaimed and Ian shook his head.

"Nah, it's my free time," he said, and I saw Luke huffed and turned his back on us. Time flew by quickly as Ian taught me stuff like backflips and other stuff. He even told me to try these different moves while in the air. I thought it was pretty cool.

"When you become an official Reaper, you get these cool wings," Ian grinned and I gasped.

"No way," I yelled and, Ian said, "Yes way. Wanna see?" I eagerly nodded and Ian concentrated for a moment and before I knew it, beautiful black wings emerged from his back and it expanded out. Then it curved and seemed to wrap Ian in a cocoon before returning into his back.

"It's like a fallen angel," I whispered and Ian nodded. He unstrapped himself from the wires and helped me out of mine. We were both drenched with sweat and Ian wiped his face with his sleeve.

"Where's Luke?" I asked, looking around, and Ian said, "Probably somewhere. He disappears sometimes."

"Well thank you for practice," I said and Ian waved his hand around.

"Not a problem at all," he said and then motioned for me to leave. I thanked him again and hurried out of the training center, then didn't know where to go. The place was huge and I had no idea which way was my room.

"Come on, I'll take you," said a very familiar voice and I saw Luke leaning against the wall. Luke pushed himself off the wall then came close to me, and closer, and backed me into the wall.

"You're sweating," he said quietly and I muttered, "it's from training."

"Was it fun with Ian?" He asked in that quiet tone of his and I felt uneasy with his tone. This wasn't really the sarcastic conceited jerk I knew.

"Yeah... it was fun," I said and Luke tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. I froze and Luke said quietly, "Well, maybe he should train you from now on." He backed up and Ian suddenly came out of the training room.

"Oh hey, Luke," he said cheerfully and Luke grinned at him, not showing that quietness he had earlier. My heart was beating fast from when Luke had tucked in my hair behind my ear and Ian looked at me.

"Your face is red," he commented and I put my hands onto my cheeks. I could feel them heating and tried to make myself stop turning red. Damn it! Every little thing that Luke did to me always made me turn red!

"It's from the training you know," I said and Ian nodded.

"Alright, I'll take you to your room. Memorize the pathway to your room," Luke said and then walked away. I said a quick goodbye to Ian and followed Luke back to my room. It was a long and awkward silence as we walked. When I finally reached my room, Luke didn't wait for me to enter. He immediately turned around went back the way where we came from and I entered my room, wondering what was up with Luke. I shook my head and then took out a pair of fresh clothes and then took a nice long bubble bath until my skin became wrinkly. I stepped into a comfy pair of sweats and a nice sweater.

I took a good look around my room. I found an AC which I immediately turned on and even a huge flat screen TV. I mean, huge! I even found a fridge that was filled with food and realized that the room was bigger than I thought. I even found a mini-kitchen with every utensils including the oven and microwave and I even found a laptop and an iPad. There was even a noticeboard and I decided to settle on the sofa that was in front of the TV.

I turned on the TV and flipped through the channels and was surprised to find the same channels just like in the Upper World. I looked at the remote and found a button that read M/D and out of curiosity, I pressed it. A search bar popped up on the screen and the TV said, "Please say what movie or dramas you would like to watch." I grinned and said, "How I Met Your Mother, Season 1, Episode 1." The TV immediately played my favorite show and I leaned back on the sofa, enjoying the moment.

Well I could get used to this luxury.


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