The Soul and The Reaper - Chapter 6

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"Newbie! Open the freaking door!" Yelled Luke and I stormed to the door, wrenching it open and there stood Luke in an amazing tuxedo, looking totally hot and he had that little smirk on his face on.

He leaned against the doorframe and said, "Well, that took long newbie." I grumbled and Luke stepped into my room. He reached out to me and gently touched my cheek. I froze right there, and Luke slowly trailed his finger down my cheek to my neck.

My heart was beating like crazy, and he whispered, "You look so beautiful in that dress." I looked down and saw myself in a beautiful silver dress with a shawl that draped around me as if I were some sort of princess. Luke leaned closer and closer, and I could feel our lips touching....

I suddenly woke up, gasping, and noticed that the TV was still playing 'How I Met Your Mother'. Trembling, I touched my lips and shook my head. I can't believe I was dreaming about Luke! I slipped off the couch and managed to get to the bathroom. I shakily took another shower and went to the closet, grabbing anything, the first thing I touched. I slipped on some Vans and then walked outside. I looked around the hallway as I closed the door quietly behind me, and then started walking over to the training center. I tried to distract myself from the dream and entered the training room and was greeted by a pair of fighting couple.

Well, not exactly fighting. It's like they were doing some fight training. They both had wings out and was wearing some black uniform. The tall figure seemed like a guy, and the slimmer seemed like a girl. They both had scythes except... it didn't look like ordinary scythes. The slimmer person had a scythe that was double bladed, so like it looked like some huge scythe pick-axe and the tall figure had a scythe that looked like some curve bladed windmill and it was on both sides of the scythe. Both top and end. And it was amazing. I had never seen scythes like that.

The guy lunged at the girl, and she managed to dodge it. She attacked with her scythe and the guy flew upwards, and landed a few feet back. It looked like they were graceful, and dancing at the same time as they were fighting. I watched them for a while, amazed, and wished that I could fight like that. The guy suddenly whipped around, quick as a snake, and managed to trip the girl. He then whirled his scythe, and pointed one of the sharp blades at the girl's throat, and then stepped back. He helped the girl up as the guy seemed to notice me.

"Oh, it's newbie," said the familiar voice, and I realized it was Luke. My eyes widened and I frantically turned around, about to leave, but I heard a flutter of wings, and felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Why are you leaving? You should meet someone," Luke drawled and tightening his grip on my shoulder, he steered me around and forced me to walk forward.

"Hey Lissa, meet newbie Melanie. Melanie meet your senior, Lissa. And she's the best fighter we got," Luke said, grinning and the girl (Lissa) laughed. I thought Lissa was extremely pretty. Or in other words, beautiful. And she had all these curves on the right places. She had beautiful fiery red hair that seemed to shine a bit in the light and she was tall. Like, a bit taller than me. And she had these amazing blue eyes which was an odd combination with a red hair but all the same, it looked amazing on her.

"Hey there Melanie, nice to meet you," Lissa said and I mutely nodded. Luke chuckled and then began whirling his scythe around.

"Why are your scythes like that?" I asked and Lissa glanced at her scythe.

"Oh this is our scythe's true form. Each scythe has a different form, so each one is unique. There isn't ever a twin scythe because each one is different and unique of course. Plus, we usually use true forms during battle," Lissa said.

I said, "What about the black clothing?" Now that I was in front of Lissa, I could really see what she was wearing. She was wearing this black jacket with a hood and some type of black shirt inside that had a bit of white ruffles on the collar. It looked really cool and she was also wearing this red tie and some type of long black jeans with black high tops. I turned to see what Luke was wearing and he was wearing something similar. The black jeans and black high tops were the same along with the black jacket and shirt, and red tie except, no white ruffles.

"Oh this is our uniform," Lissa said, and I replied, "It must be hard to fight in those clothes."

"Oh please, it's easy as pie." Luke snorted and Lissa laughed. Luke went over next to Lissa and looking at them together.... they actually looked.... really... really... good together. Luke looked like some dark fallen avenging angel with him wearing all black and his black wings along with his stormy gray eyes and black hair. Lissa with her red hair, blue eyes, black clothing and black wings also looked like some dark angel too. They looked so good together... why... when I want to be the laughing person next to Luke wearing the Reaper's uniform.

"Why fight in the uniform?" I asked, and Luke rolled his eyes.

"Ever heard of practice?" He asked and Lissa nudged him.

"Luke, don't be rude," she said, and Luke's annoyance seemed to disappear right there. I couldn't take it anymore.

"I'll be going," I said hastily and dashed out of the training room, wanting to get out of there as fast as I could. Luke and Lissa are both probably dating right now. I don't know. I was frustrated and sad yet... jealous. I wanted to be next to Luke....

"Eck!" I squeaked as I smashed into something. I started falling back and felt a pair of hands grab me before I fell.

"Hey, you should watch where you're going," said a familiar voice, and I looked up and saw Ian.

"Oh sorry!" I said, trying to laugh it off and Ian raised an eyebrow. He looked from where I was coming from and narrowed his eyes. I looked back and saw Luke and Lissa emerge from the training room, chatting animatedly, and Ian said, "Shall we go outside?" I nodded and Ian began to lead the way.

"When do you think I'll be a Reaper?" I asked, and Ian said, "Well that is when... you finish your training of course."

We didn't say anything for a while and when we came out of the mansion, my eyes widened. We were at another meadow filled with flowers and I looked back at the mansion. I realize the mansion was like in the middle of the meadow.

"How come I didn't see the meadow when I first came?" I wondered, and Ian seemed to hold back his laughter.

"I thought you came by portal? Only way to enter this meadow is by a portal," Ian said and I nodded. We continued walking through the meadow and a familiar creature popped out of some mini bush.

"Oh! It's the cat from that Souls Town!" I exclaimed and the cat looked at me.

"Oh it's you," the cat said, trotting over to us and Ian scooped up the cat.

"Hey there Furball!" He said, scratching the cat's head and I said, "Furball?"

"Yeah, that's my name. I looked like some furball when I was a kit, so I ended up with that name. Of course I grew up here, so I was pretty spoiled for a cat," Furball said and I choked back a laughter. Furball meowed at me and then said, "Hmph, don't snort at me." I simply nodded, because if I said something, I would burst into laughter.

"How can you talk?" I asked and Furball jumped out of Ian's arms and then suddenly expanded to a griffon. Furball extended his wings and said, "Well I'm a demon. I was a demon cat, but later I found out I had the power to shape shift into a griffon." Wow. Amazing.

"Oh well. I should go now. I need to finish up some things," Furball and bounded away, and I watched him go.

"He's amazing," I said, and Ian silently laughed. He led us to a nice bench and motioned for me to sit. He sat next to me, and we said nothing for a while until Ian said, "Do you know what's the most sacred animal of the Reaping World?"

"Griffon?" I asked, and Ian shook his head.

"Phoenix," he said quietly and I gasped.

"They exist?!" I nearly screeched and he nodded.

"Long time ago, when the Reaping World didn't exist, there was a big phoenix. She was extremely beautiful. She had long graceful wings and she was as red and orange as fire. Her name was Zirana. She was also extremely powerful, but one day, as she flew in the human world, she met a young guy named Lucifer. He had found Zirana when she was drinking from a pond, but simply watched her. Lucifer didn't try to chase her away unlike how some other humans did and she left. A few days later, she got into an accident, and Lucifer found her. He nursed her back to health and Zirana was very thankful. Zirana began to stay with Lucifer and they became best friends. But four years later, Lucifer got into a really bad accident. Zirana was with him until he died and Zirana was very sad. She grieved for her best friend and then using the great powers within her, she willed Lucifer back to life but as she did that, she made changes. She turned Lucifer into a Reaper. And he was the first Reaper. Zirana then spread her wings and soon became ablaze. She became a fire phoenix and as she spread her wings, fire began to spread. It started forming some sort of gate and as Lucifer entered it, the Reaping World was created. Zirana found a human girl on the brink of death and even turned her into a Reaper. Lucifer married the girl and they had children. And with that, Zirana began traveling everywhere, turning everyone who died into Reapers. Once the Reaping World bean to thrive, Zirana knew she had to leave. Lucifer was sad to see her go, but Zirana told Lucifer that he must protect the Souls and if there was a Soul who wanted to be a Reaper, he must allow it. Lucifer agreed and Zirana left. From that day on, phoenixes became the sacred animal. Of course, Zirana is still alive but she's somewhere with all the other phoenixes. They rarely show themselves in everyday life but they will come during very important ceremonies," Ian said, and then looked into my eyes, "Your eyes are very wide Mel."

"Wow, that's amazing," I whispered and Ian nodded.

"Isn't it?" He said, and then stood up, stretching and said, "Come on, I'll take you to your room." I reluctantly stood up and followed Ian back to my room. Luke was leaning against the wall in front of my room door and said, "Where were you?"

"Out," I said and then Luke said, "Whatever. You got practice tomorrow. Come any time though, but please don't come too late." He then flicked his eyes over to Ian for a moment, looked at me for a bit longer and then left.

Ian muttered, "Luke these days..." I said bye to Ian and entered my room, shutting the door softly and sighed. I went over to my bed and turned on the TV, resuming 'How I Met Your Mother', and watched TV, half-wondering why Luke was acting so different than from the day we first met. He was so kind and gentle to me and even blocked my view from the memories. But now... I feel like he's being a bit too sarcastic, and being a huge jerk. And I don't understand his coldness sometimes. But all the same, I still have feelings for him, even though Luke is mean to me sometimes. Sigh.... Love is complicated isn't it?


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