The Soul and The Reaper - Chapter 7

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I woke up to the sound of Ted and Robin fighting in 'How I Met Your Mother', and I wearily turned the TV off. I tried going back to sleep, but gave up after another five minutes. I did my daily morning schedule, and emerged out of my room wearing a blue tee, shorts, and Converse. I hurried to the training room, and found a sleeping Luke that was lying on the mat. I quietly shut the door behind me, and walked over to Luke, carefully sitting down next to him. I watched him breathe, admired the way his hair seemed to shine under the light, and how long his lashes were. I wanted to try to poke his cheek for some reason, and I leaned closer, hesitating, and then reached out to poke his cheek. Luke's eyes flew wide open, and he grabbed my outstretched hand.

"Agh!" I half yelled and he smirked.

"Well... well, sneaky little newbie," he said, his eyes twinkling with amusement.

"I was going to wake you up!" I barked then snatched my hand back. I stood up, and stormed over to where the wires were, and tried to look for the black strap thingy.

"Your hair is down," Luke said, suddenly popping up behind me. I screamed and fell down.

"Geez, did I scare you?" Luke asked, and I glared at him.

"Aww, little girl is scared and wants her little teddy bear," Luke said in a childish voice and when he tried to help me up, I refused. He watched me with amusement for a while before handing me a rubber band.

"Do put your hair up," he said and I took the rubber band.

"Why?" I asked, and Luke replied, "Would you believe me if I said you would look good if your hair was up?" I blinked as Luke turned away. I hastily tied up my hair, feeling myself blushing from what he said, and fastened myself onto the wires.

"No Ian, today eh?" He said, quite cheerfully, and I said nothing. He suddenly turned around and handed me along wooden stick.

"This is... similar to the weapons we use for kendo!" I exclaimed.
Luke replied, "That's pretty much the point newbie. Now I want you to practice fighting using the wires. And do remember what you learned from Ian please. It's a hassle to teach you again." I glared at him as he said the last sentence, and he just took a few steps back.

His wings suddenly extended out of his back, and flapped. He picked up another wooden stick, and motioned for me to begin. I sized up Luke for a moment, and decided to aim for his legs. I probably could swipe my feet under his legs, then use the stick to pin him down, then using that as a weight, I could either.

Luke said, "Don't worry when you jump. I already adjusted the wires, so you won't go flying newbie." I ignored what he said, and dived at his feet. Just as I expected, Luke dodged it. I swiftly landed on my hands and knees, then tried to swipe Luke's legs. The bastard did a freaking backflip and then grinned at me.

"Good one newbie, but not good enough," he commented, and then I snarled, "Oh yeah?" Luke shrugged and then I dived at him again. He lifted his stick, and I barely avoided it. Luke simply tried to smack me on the head, but I ducked, then leaped back. Luke lunged at me, and I did a backflip. I huffed as I landed on my feet. Luke lunged at me again and I managed to do another backflip. He swiped at my feet with the stick, and I blocked it with mine. I tried to hit him on the side but he dodged that and that bastard flew upwards then dropping his stick, I got distracted by it. Which was stupid of me.

Luke used the chance to grab my shoulders and flipped me over. I hit the ground and grabbed Luke's ankles, and then pulled him forwards. He fell, so using that opportunity, I lunged at him, twisting his arm and was about to put my arm around his neck, but he managed to flip me over. He rolled away and then went back on his feet. I staggered to my feet then, and then lunged at Luke, furious that he got away. He dodged and then swiped his feet under mine. I fell and he fell on top of me, pinning me down, and we were both sweating and breathing heavily.

"Not bad newbie," Luke said, with a smirk, and I muttered, "Thanks." I was aware of the fact that he was very close to me, and then the door suddenly opened.

"Lulu!" Yelled a female voice, and I twisted my head a bit to see Lissa walked in with Ian.

"Lulu, control yourself. Don't go round trying to rape Mel," Ian joked.
Luke said with an evil grin, "I'll try my hardest." Lissa laughed and then Luke pushed himself off me.

"So how'd she do?" Lissa asked.
Luke said, "Pretty good as a matter of fact. It would be nice to induct her now because I'd like to see how she would do when she has full Reaper powers. Of course, she has that special talent of hers, so I don't know if she's also going to be evaluated on that."

"Oh yeah! Your special talent!" Lissa exclaimed, and I blinked.

"Oh, every Reaper knows about it," Ian said, and my eyes widened. They all shrugged as if it were nothing, and then Luke said, "Well yeah, maybe she can get inducted early."

"Of course, if that is what the mentor thinks, then we can induct her," said another voice and we all parted to reveal Luke's dad. He stood in front of the door, and approached me.

"I watched your training for a while. Not bad. Maybe you can get inducted today. I am indeed curious to see what you can do with Reaper powers," Luke's dad mused.
I said, "But I don't think, I am good enough to be inducted."

"How modest," Luke and Lissa said at the same time, first they looked at each other, then looked away. There was an awkward silence after that, while Luke's dad finally said, "Lissa. Go fill her closet with Reaper uniforms. Ian go find her the ceremonial clothes. Luke, make sure she is ready when everything is done. I want the ceremony in an hour. And work fast!"

Everyone nodded, and Luke's dad walked off.
I said, "An hour?! Are you serious?!" Luke swiftly strapped me out of the wires and said to Lissa, "Take care of her."
Lissa nodded and said, "Lead me to your room. And hurry." I stared at all of them for a moment before Luke snapped, "Hurry up newbie!" I jumped, and then began to hurry away and distinctively heard Lissa say, "Don't be too harsh Luke." She then followed me and we hurried to my room. I entered my room and Lissa said, "Give me permission first so I can enter."

"Oh um... I give permission to Lissa to enter," I said and Lissa entered. She hurried to my closet and began pressing something on a little panel that I didn't notice. Suddenly a whole new rack of uniforms appeared, and Lissa chased me to the bathroom.

"Shower!" She said and tossed me a bathrobe. I quickly showered and then slipped into the bathrobe while someone knocked on my door. I draped a towel over my head and opened the door, I saw Ian holding clothes over his arm.

"Permission to enter?" He asked and, I said, "Um..."

"Let him in. He has lots of experiences with this," Lissa called from the bathroom, and I said, "Permission to enter." Ian stepped him and immediately headed to my bed, and began spreading the clothes out.

"You! Come here," Lissa said, and made me sit on a chair. She blow dried my hair and combed through it.

"I can do it," I protested.
Ian said, "We have more experience though. Plus Zirana will be coming, so you have to look your best."

"No way! Zirana's coming?" I exclaimed.
Lissa said, "Of course!" Ian tossed me some fabric, and said, "Get in the bathroom and change." Lissa gently pushed me, so I hurried away to put on the clothes. The clothes were a white collared shirt with ruffles and a black blazer. I wore this black shorts as I emerged, Lissa made me sit again, and began to fix my hair. She took out a curler to make my hair more wavier, and put some eyeliner on my eyes. She faced me to the mirror, and said, "What do you think?"

I saw a browned eyed and a medium length wavy haired brunette staring back with the ceremonial uniform on, and one side of my hair was neatly held back with a beautiful shiny clip.

"The cloak," Lissa said, and Ian walked up behind me and fastened the cloak with a clasp and fixed the hood in the back.

"You'll walk in with the hood though,, but when Zirana tells you what to do, just follow her instructions, and you're good to go," Ian said.
Lissa added, "Don't say anything though. You'll be given permission to say something."

"Keep your head bowed and kneel down on one knee when you enter," Ian said quickly, and Lissa said, "We should go now though. It's almost been an hour."

"How did you work this fast?" I wondered.
Lissa smiled thinly and said, "We're trained to move fast of course." I said nothing after that. I was shooed out of my room and was escorted by both Ian and Lissa, I wondered how Zirana looked like. Luke nearly crashed into us when we rounded the corner and nodded approvingly at me.

"Amazing. Good work guys," he said, and then extended his arm just like a gentleman.

"I'll take it from here," he said, and Lissa and Ian stepped back.

"She's all yours," Ian said quietly, and Luke seemed to stiffen at the words. He looked at Ian for a moment and then as I put my hand on his extended arm, he began leading the way.

"Don't be nervous," he said quietly. He lifted the hood to cover my face and we entered another room. I don't know how fast they decorated it, but it was covered with golden drapes and flags that had a phoenix on it everywhere and the marble tiles shone. The chandeliers were brightly lit; people and phoenixes were everywhere. I mean everywhere! There was a red carpet in the middle of the room like some wedding aisle, also there was an archway at the end. Zirana was perched on top of some podium thing and was nodding to whatever Luke's dad was telling her.

Everyone hushed as they noticed me and Luke gently pushed me forward and whispered, "You're on your own." I walked forward with my head bowed and kneel on one knee as Ian had instructed. Zirana said in a very beautiful voice that was like music to my ears, "Please stand, young Reaper." I stood, my head still bowed and Zirana said, "Lift your head and lower your hood."

I obeyed, and Zirana seemed to look straight at me. She examined me for a few more moments then said, "Extend your right hand young Reaper, now tell me your name."

"Melanie," I said, and Zirana leaned forward and gently placed her beak on my palm. I gasped as I felt a rush gone through me. I felt stronger, more confident, more compassion, more kindness, and a fiery burning desire to protect the Reaping World from any harm.

"Welcome Melanie, to the Reaping World and from this day forth, you are a Reaper. Your scythe shall come in any minute," Zirana said quietly when it was done and then said, "I hear you have some ability. Is this true?"

"Yes, I have the ability to... create spells," I said and Zirana looked at me with those wise eyes. She looked thoughtful for a moment, shuffled her feet and then seemed to look straight through me.

"Extend your arm Melanie, and call out to your scythe in your head," she said calmly and then narrowed her eyes for a moment.

I said silently in my head, "Um scythe? Wanna come now?" Something shimmered in front of me, and I instinctively held my hand out. An oddly shaped feature appeared and, I hesitantly took it. I held an eight-bladed sharp-edged huge shuriken and blinked.

"Oh. A Shuriken Scythe. Very nice," Zirana approved and my shuriken began to shimmer, and became a normal scythe with symbols etched on the blade. It looked so cool.

"Now for your ability..." Zirana said, and then I looked at her.

"Use it well. Don't abuse it. Now that you're a Reaper, you know what to do with it. But please don't use it for selfish reasons," Zirana said softly.
I replied, "Yes Zirana."

She seemed pleased for a moment, and then said, "The ceremony is at end. Reapers and phoenixes, I present to you our newest Reaper, Melanie!" Everyone clapped (except for the phoenixes of course) and cheered, "Melanie!"

"Wait hold on," Zirana said in an amused tone. Everyone fell silent, and I looked at her, puzzled.

"Hold on... hold on," she said, amusement twinkling in her eyes, and out of nowhere I felt a strange sensation on my back and suddenly felt something shoot out of my back.

"Agh!" I exclaimed and everyone laughed, including Zirana. I twisted my head to see beautiful sleek black wings flapping.

Zirana said in an amused tone, "Just will it to disappear and same goes for your scythe." I did as she instructed and my scythe disappeared and I felt the weird sensation on my back for a moment and checked to see if the wings disappeared. It did. Zirana hopped off from where she perched and Luke came up to me.

"Congratulations newbie!" He exclaimed and handed me a drink. I took a sip and nearly gagged.

"What's this?" I said, peering into my glass, and Luke blinked.

"You don't drink wine?" He asked.
I exclaimed, "I'm only 16 years old!"

"Oh. That's still old," Luke said, and then took the glass from me. He gulped it down in one gulp and said, "Ah, delicious."

"I don't think you drink wine like that," I said and Luke shrugged.

"Melanie. Congratulations," said Zirana as she approached me.

"Zirana, beautiful as always," Luke mused and Zirana flapped her wings and said, "Luke. Arrogant and sarcastic as always." I noticed how tall Zirana was. She came up to my chest, and I realized that these phoenixes were huge birds.

"Flattering," Luke drawled and Zirana laughed.
She looked at me, and said, "I do hope we meet again. I'm interested in what you can do with your skills," I bowed and she walked off.

"Well... well, newbie, you still have training," Luke said and I laughed. He took a glass from a waiter and handed it to me and I sniffed it.

"Apple cider," he said, and I took a sip and nearly gagged.

"Oh. Must be wine then," he said and I glared at him. He stifled his laugh and took another glass from another waiter and gave it to me. I glared at him and he said, "Trust me on this. It's apple cider."

I took a sip and sighed with relief as I savored the sweet apple cider taste. Today was indeed a good day. Luke looked at me with amused eyes and then suddenly leaned down to kiss me.


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