The Soul and The Reaper - Chapter 9

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I woke up and groggily looked around. I stretched and everything that happened last night flooded into my mind. Especially the kiss. Oh the kiss. The burning passion I felt that coursed through my body. Suddenly feeling wide awake, I wildly ran to my closet, picked out a nice shirt with shorts and dashed into the shower. I took a nice shower and brushed my teeth, hastily drying my hair, and swiftly put on my socks. I stumbled on the way to the closet and reached for a pair of black Vans and hurried out of my room, excited of the fact that I would meet Luke in training today. I hurried to the training room and found Luke and Ian yelling at each other. I quietly shut the door behind me, but they didn't seem to notice or hear me at all.

"What the hell?! I don't need to tell her about that!" Luke snarled and Ian snapped, "Hell yeah she does! Wasn't she chosen?"

"Shut it. I'm not letting her go yet," Luke shot back and Ian snorted.

"Please, like you can stop her," Ian retorted and Luke threw up his hands.

"What the hell?! I'll tell her later on!" Luke snarled and Ian replied, "Oh yeah? Please, Luke, you and your little deceiving lies!"

"What lies?! I never lie!" Luke spat out angrily and he suddenly extended his wings. He seemed to be seething with anger and Ian snapped, "Oh yeah? Well you're acting so arrogant and conceited as if you're the king of the world. It's best off if you stop giving a damn about people when it looks like you don't care for them!" Luke suddenly summoned a scythe and snarled, "Shut it you fucking bastard. I care for Melanie."

"Please, with you snapping at Mel last time during training," Ian drawled and Luke lunged at Ian. Ian barely dodged the attack and he took out his scythe.

"Leave Mel alone then if you're going to act as if you don't care," Ian snarled.
Luke smirked and said, "Hell to the fucking, no dick head. I kissed her."

Ian narrowed his eyes and lunged at Luke. I couldn't stand them fighting any more. I extended my wings and then summoned my scythe and flew as fast as I could towards them.

"Stop!" I yelled and thrust my scythe between them, knocking them backwards from each other.

They looked at me with a bewildered expression and if it wasn't under some fighting circumstances, I would've laughed. But this was serious.

"What ... the ... when did you get here?" Ian spluttered and I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Just now. And I heard everything," I said and then Ian stared at me for a moment before looking away.

"Fine." He huffed and stood up. He brushed himself off, glared at Luke for a moment and stormed out of the training room. I turned to Luke who was fuming, and I cautiously walked over to him and sat next to him. I put my scythe away and hesitantly reached out for Luke and gently hugged him.

"Calm down," I said and began stroking his beautiful silky black hair. He calmed down and put away his scythe.

"So what were you supposed to tell me?" I asked curiously and Luke pulled away. My arms felt empty without him, so I simply let it drop to my sides.

"The Upper World. I'm to go with someone to the Upper World to track down a rogue demon that is pretending to be a human and killing humans during nighttime. Demon is quite dangerous, but I need a strong person to come along. I was going to ask you since you have that gift but at the same time, I don't want to risk your life," Luke murmured and I said, "But it sounds fun."

"It may do, but some Reapers die from doing these kinds of missions," Luke said, looking at me with a sad smile.

"Oh," I said and Luke replied, "Well if you do want to come.... I guess you can come. That is if you're up for it."

"But what about my special skill? How do I learn it?" I asked and Luke replied, "On your own. It comes naturally on your own. You can't really have someone to teach it because it just comes when it wants to come. So you'll know how to use it during some points."

"What's your skill?" I asked and Luke laughed.

"Never ask your senior Reaper that... unless you're the senior," Luke said in an amused tone, all trace of fury and sadness had gone.

"Yes sir," I said and Luke laughed again, shaking his head.

"God, you're so adorable," he said and pulled me down for a kiss. Electricity cackled between us as we shifted closer and he groaned as I gently bit his lip.

"I wanted to ask..." Luke said when we pulled away for a moment.

"Yeah?" I asked, tracing his jawline with my finger. Wow, I never knew I could be this bold.

"Um, today's like a special festivity for Reaping World. We have this huge carnival thing and um, I was wondering if you wanted to go," Luke said and I blinked.

"What carnival?" I asked and Luke said, "Halloween."

"What? Reaping World celebrates those too?" I asked, shocked, and Luke pretended to gasp with horror. I slapped him on the chest and Luke laughed.

"Hahaha, yeah we actually do," Luke said and then said, "So... wanna go?"

"Is this a date?" I asked and silence fell. I bit back a laughter as Luke tried to grasp for words and finally said, "So do you want to go?"

"Is this a date?" I repeated, holding back another laugh as Luke muttered something and said quite loudly, "Yes it is." I laughed and Luke laughed for a bit before pulling me down for another kiss. He gently tugged at my hair and pulled away, saying, "We got training to do." I groaned and buried my face into his shirt and I could feel his body shaking with a laughter.

"Come on lazy head," he said, pulling me up and then pointed at a spot in front of him. I obediently stood there, waiting for the next instructions.

"Oh good. Your wings are out. Okay, so practice flying," Luke said and I blinked at him.

"Come on, just flap your wings," Luke said and I began focusing on my wings. I felt my back muscles moving to move the wings and I heard the sound of my wings flapping.

"Nice. Now try lifting yourself off the ground," Luke encouraged and I concentrated again. I felt myself lifting up and before I knew it, I was six feet off the ground.

"Now fly around," Luke said, flying up to meet me and I began to move around, a bit unsteady.

"Don't worry. Learning how to fly is a piece of cake," Luke said as he flew around me for few moments.

"It actually is," I said surprised and felt joy at flying. I've always wanted to fly when I was alive but now, it's like a dream come true. It was seriously fun flying. It's like you could just go anywhere or wherever you want to. After few more hours of flying and doing tricks, Luke shooed me away from the training room, telling me that he'll come to my room in thirty minutes. I quickly made my wings disappear and hurried to my room, taking a shower and brushing my teeth. I came out with my bathrobe and looked at my closet, wondering what I should wear. My Reaper uniform was all neatly put on one side of the closet and I found a blue dress that was between a hoodie and a turtleneck sweater. It was cute and came up to my knees and had a bow on the back of it. There were some layered parts for the lower half of the dress and the straps were a pretty velvet dark blue. I dressed myself in it, wearing shorts under the dress and took a nice thin white sweater in case it would get cold. I brushed my hair and neatly clipped one side with a clip that had a purple ribbon on it.

"Mel?" I heard Luke say as he knocked on my door. I wrenched my door open and was greeted with a quick kiss.

"You look lovely," Luke said and I took a look at him. He was wearing dark blue jeans with black high-tops and a blue shirt that fitted him quite nicely. His hair was a bit wet and his gray eyes were still stunning.

"You look nice too," I said lamely, realizing that my voice sounded weak. Luke grinned at me and I blushed and said, "I'm getting my shoes."

I stepped into a nice pair of flats and emerged from my room and we began walking down the hallway. We walked for some more and Luke reached for my hand, holding it as we entered through a grand door. It felt nice. I looked back and said, "Is this some sort of huge mansion thing?"

Luke replied, "Yeah, it's more like a magically spelled mansion that expands every time more Reapers come. So we ended up calling it Magic Mansion." I looked back at the magic mansion and looked forward again. We passed through the meadow where I and Ian were before a few days ago and was suddenly greeted with a cheerful looking girl.

"Welcome," she said, giving us a cute smile and I smiled back at her. I looked around and saw booths everywhere. I heard a few screams somewhere and whooshing sound of a roller coaster. It felt like a real carnival that I used to go to with my friends back at the Upper World.

"What do you think?" Luke asked, and I replied, "it's amazing, of course." He grinned and then dragged me to a line and got us tickets. We waited for a while and we were both ushered onto a roller coaster.

"Oh no, Luke, I-" I began and Luke shushed me.

"It's fun," he said, eyes glittering with excitement and I shook my head frantically. I felt the roller coaster moving and I whimpered a bit. Luke snapped my belt on and snapped his on too.

"No worries, it's loads of fun," he assured me and as soon as he said that, we began going down at top speed.

"Agghhhh!!" I screamed and Luke was laughing beside me. We went in loops, went up quite high and went downhill so fast, I swear I thought something flew into my mouth. When the ride was over, I staggered off, trying to regain my senses and Luke laughed. He led me to a booth where they sold drinks and handed me water. I gulped it down, feeling normal after a few more gulps and sighed.

"Wasn't that fun?" Luke said with amusement and I muttered, "Not the coaster one." He laughed and the rest of the day was just a blur. We probably rode every single ride there was and ate lots of food. Yet, I felt completely happy. I didn't think about Ian or about my family and friends in the Upper World. All I cared was that I was with Luke and we're having an awfully good time.


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