The Sparks

Sometimes it's too hard to let go.
Sparks flew when I first met you,
My heart combusted in a wall of flame,
You sold me a secret that made me love you,
But you never told me your name.

I was an affair of need to know terms,
You called me when you were lonely,
At the drop of a hat, I'd run into your arms,
And burn in the spark of your company.

But sparks can never last forever,
They fade in the night to leave the air cold,
Your love for me petered away,
While darkness invaded my soul.

I searched through the shadows like a stalker,
I pestered your cell phone with calls,
I followed your presence wherever it went,
Trying to rekindle the ritual.

Alas, your interest had burned its retreat,
You distanced yourself from my heart,
My fingers were burned by the heat of your scorn,
As I tried to retrieve the spark.

I took a beating from your soldiers,
Your cavalcade of warrior poets,
Your suitors whose roses weren't withered,
Those romantic sparks were my portent.

An omen, a warning, a threat from your gods,
My dreams, I was forced to surrender,
The flame is dowsed, the sparks are gone,
Till the phoenix shall stir from the embers!

I picked up my camera,
I caught the spark,
In a photograph,
Now I can look at you forever!
Published: 8/8/2012
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