The Stalker's Fool

Sometimes a stalker goes too far.
Dark, fierce with a savage face,
The deadliest man in my place,
His silent footsteps stalked me,
How long he kept this a mystery.

Those black eyes try to conceal,
His madness and his next meal,
With his clean, sharpened knife,
He desires the death of my life,
To God, I cried, who is this man?
Why is he here, what is his plan?

The only answer is the cold tap,
Dripping like my tears onto my lap,
He steps forward with fiery eyes,
His words shook me by surprise,
"Play my game and I will be kind,
Abandon your pride, put it behind,
Take off your dress, lay in bed,
On your back, cover your head."

Fearfully I follow his command,
Regretful I am, try to understand,
I had no choice but to strip nude,
Let him take pictures too crude,
Let him steal my virginity too,
While closing my eyes as I do.

He holds in his hand my identity,
I hold in my stomach a mini-me,
Mother, Father, why do you yell?
For I was under his evil spell,
Still you point your fingers at me,
For bringing shame to our family.

Sorry will not fix the mess I made,
With this said, it is time I fade,
Holding a gun to my head, I cry,
I know I let you down as I lie,
Here on the ground in my red pool,
Dying and thinking, I am a fool.


Author's Note

I was inspired to write this when my school taught us about the dangers of stalkers yesterday. What did you think? Leave a comment, thanks.
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Published: 10/1/2015
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