The Stubborn Dog

Once there was a stubborn dog named El. How would his owner Jessa, deal with him? How would their relationship begin and end?
Jessa was given a puppy as a gift on her 9th birthday. She was so excited to play with it and named it El. El was so playful. Whenever Jessa would refuse to play with him because she was studying, El would bite her ankle, so that she would be forced to play. Those bites weren't hurting that bad at first because El still had no teeth, but when he already grew some, the bites became quite hurtful.

Jessa didn't know how to teach him that biting wasn't nice. She did everything she could, but El was still stubborn. After a year, Jessa stopped paying much attention to El because she thought that if she'll ignore him, the dog will notice that she doesn't like what he is doing. Because of that, the dog misunderstood what her actions meant. He thought that Jessa didn't love him anymore, so he gave up trying to play with her.

One day, Jessa was in the mood to play with El because she had no homework. She walked straight to El's small bed and there he was, sleeping.

"Hey, wake up," Jessa said as she tapped El's tummy. "I'll play with you today. Wake up!"

El slightly opened his eyes and looked at Jessa, but slept again. When Jessa continued trying to wake him up, he growled as if it meant, "Get away from me". Jessa was surprised and afraid at the same time because it was the first time that El growled at her. She just shrugged and let the dog sleep because maybe it was just tired.

During the following days, Jessa noticed that El was always sleeping and didn't want to play anymore. He wasn't eating his meals either. Jessa was starting to become worried. One day, she approached El who was of course in his bed, sleeping.

"El, are you okay?" She asked. The dog didn't respond as if it were playing deaf. Jessa put her fingers over El's chest and felt that his heartbeat was slower than normal. She lifted him and realized that he was heavier than before.

"El, are you okay?" Jessa asked again, this time more frantically, and tears started to pool at the corner of her eyes. El groaned weakly and slightly moved her face. Through a hug, Jessa felt his heartbeat abruptly slowing down. Now having tears flowing across her cheeks, she tried to open El's mouth and inserted her two fingers there.

"Here, El, bite me. I'll play with you! Please, don't leave me!" El inhaled deeply and weakly bit Jessa's fingers. This made her slightly smile and said, "I love you El."

El groaned and bit another time, a little bit harder, but it didn't hurt. Then, Jessa felt one strong pulse after more than two seconds, there was no beat at all. El suddenly felt heavier and harder. Now full of tears, Jessa moved him away from her body and pressed his belly. It was hard. Jessa hugged him tightly for the last time.
Published: 8/8/2012
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