The Sun That Shines

There is always hope, even in despair.
When you cannot face the dark alone,
And the pain and fear compound,
When you think you've taken all you can,
And you're trying to find a way out,
When you're reaching for the pills,
And the tourniquet is tight,
When the needle bursts the vein,
With an urgent need to die...
Step back inside your mind,
Where your memories reside,
And hold on to a sun that shines.

When the rain won't stop falling down,
And the darkness meets the gloom,
When shadows dance across the walls,
That are closing in on you,
When that claustrophobic shame,
Locks the windows and the doors,
When you have no way to turn,
And you're crawling on the floor.
Crawl towards the light,
That lingers in your mind,
And reach out for the sun that shines.

When your heart is pained with broken love,
And your body aches in every joint,
When the tears you cry won't stop,
And your mind has lost the point,
When you question your existence,
And you think your life is done,
When your melancholy wisdom,
Tries to call upon your doom,
Think back to a time,
When things weren't quite as dim,
And reach out for the sun that shines.

There's always hope inside a soul,
Where angels make their home,
And if you'll only let them guide,
They'll show you the way to go,
Just pay heed to your dreams,
They'll lead you through the storm,
And if you wish hard enough,
Their rainbows will bring the dawn,
To chase away the night,
That lingers in your life,
Just reach out for the sun that shines.
Published: 2/8/2012
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