The Sunshine Through the Fog

Little bit of rays coming through.
Through the fog I can see,
Something that truly warms me,
The beginnings of the golden sun,
It's warmth is reuniting my faith, making me one,
Through the fog, those rays bring me hope,
I'm coming to the end of my slippery slope.

I can almost feel that glorious heat defrosting my veins,
Releasing my heart from the rusty chains,
I can't wait for the grass to come out of hiding,
To let the love that's been dormant, come out riding,
For summer will return and with its lost emotions,
Which will rule my body like the passionate oceans.

I'll let my spirit soar with clouds and tango with the wind,
I'll let my nostalgia rescind,
And leave the past where it lies,
For the future is out there in pastel-colored skies,
And I'll embrace what will come, for everything happens for a reason,
I'll patiently wait for summer and waltz with each season,
Though I'll always be waiting for when the sun fully emerges,
And all negativity shrouded with, will be part of the purges.
Published: 10/10/2013
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