The Tears That You Cry

Sometimes fate can bring a love back.
Well you're sitting there staring dead ahead,
And the rose that you're holding has died,
The petals have withered, the thorns prick your flesh,
To bleed like the tears that you cry.

I remember the smile that once lit up your face,
How your eyes would sparkle and shine,
He was dandy and handsome but his legacy,
Was to leave you the tears that you cry.

I tried to warn you but out of respect,
I stepped back and let you decide,
You made your choice, now I'm sure you regret,
That you can't stop the tears that you cry.

There's memory of me once falling in love,
With a girl who was comely and fine,
I still see her face, so gentle and soft,
It reflects in the tears that you cry.

My tears well up when I see your heartache,
But your heart breaks no more than mine,
I just want to tell you that it's not too late,
I can help stem the tears that you cry.

I may not be a dandy and I'm much older now,
But the love in my heart still pines,
So if you let your heartache take its final bow,
Then I'll dry the tears that you cry.
Published: 7/3/2012
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