The Tickle Me Pink Nails (5)

I know, I haven't been on here in a while, so this is the last one of this chapter. I will be starting a new one soon. Please forgive me for the long wait.
"Babe," he screams.

May is so scared, she wants to cry, but only a tear falls how can the house they dreamed of be so bad? She knows she did such stuff to people in the past, but who would play mind game on her like this?

As Jody is calling her name, she is trying to remember the dream. Can't remember it for nothing. Her heart starts beating real fast. Jody starts to throw the cup with juice on the wall smash!

A dog starts barking and that's when May answers her man and says, "babe, the pink nail is coming to get her."

Before he can ask who's her, Jody is snatched from behind by a nail. Not even a hand... a nail. Dragging him upstairs as he JUST started YELLING.

May runs after him, but of course, she is not fast enough. She asks, "Why are you here, what do you want?"

The nail points to her belly and says her before she can run out the house, the dog barks and the door opens.
Published: 5/4/2015
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