The Tribe Series 6 - Episode 2

Thank you everyone for all your comments x. Would just like to apologize for the short episode I just needed a chance to get into the Tribe writing style again after such a long time.
Camera fades in from title. Camera spins around to show a large cafeteria with dark wood walls and dark heavy wood furniture. The Camera now focuses on the Mallrats sat at a table in the center of the cafeteria; there is some food and water on the table. Some of the mall rats are eating. There are robed guards in each corner of the cafeteria.

Trudy is looking anxiously around.


Scene 1

Trudy: Amber I don't feel good about this; these people are just like the Chosen.

Amber: But these people are not the Chosen, look they've given us food and drink.

Trudy: But why are they keeping us here like this? I feel like a prisoner.

Amber: I know Trudy, but Crystal is my cousin, she's like a sister, nothing bad will happen.

Trudy: She's your cousin Amber. That doesn't mean the rest of us are safe.

Amber is about to reply but turns when a noise is made at the entrance of the cafeteria.

Crystal walks to where the Mallrats are sitting, she does not have a robe on, her clothes are back with gold belt and boot straps.

Crystal: Who is the leader of your group?

Amber stands up.

Crystal: Amber I should have guessed?

Amber: Crystal what's going on? Why are you keeping us here?

Crystal: I'll explain everything. I brought you here because this is the safest place for you all.

Trudy: It doesn't feel very safe. What's with the guards?

Crystal: Guards are for protection, ours and yours. After all, you are new to the city. We can't just let you run around of your own accord. Well, not until we have made sure you are no threat to us.

Slade:I told you before we just wanted to find some shelter we mean you no harm.

Crystal: And I am providing just that, food, water and shelter. The only catch is that you're not free to leave just yet.

Amber: Crystal what is going on here?

Crystal: (camera shows her face become grave, Crystal moves to sit in the chair next to Amber, and Amber follows her and sits down) This city like so many others was taken over by the Technos, now that they are gone the city is in chaos

(Camera shows Ram bow his head in shame)

Crystal: We, the Watchers, are the largest Tribe in this whole city; our leader has made it our purpose to fix this mess.

Jay: Wait you're not actually the Tribe leader.

Crystal: No, I am not (replies without looking at Jay). Our leader has gone to conduct peace talks with the leaders of smaller tribes. The city is a battlefield right now. We have control over this zone but the rest of the city is very dangerous, especially for those with kids (Crystal caresses Bray Jnr's cheek).

Amber: Thank you Crystal for all your help.

Trudy: So does that mean we're staying here now?

Crystal's face turns into a frown.

Crystal: I'm afraid you will stay here only until our leader returns, he will then decide what to do with you all

Ebony: You can't keep us locked up her like animals.

Crystal smirks at Ebony.

Crystal turns to Amber.

Crystal: I hope you understand Amber I will do everything to protect you and your child but where your friends are concerned I will have to think of my Tribe. I have a duty to make this city safe.

Amber's face is confused as she watches Crystal stand up and walk towards the guards

Crystal: Seize the Technos!!

Two guards grab Ram and Jay, who both struggle, Camera shows mallrats shocked faces.


Scene 2

Camera fades in from black to shows a figure sitting on the grass watching the sunset, its Patsy.

We see another figure come into view, and its Ryan, he sits next to Patsy.

Ryan: I thought I'd find you out here.

Patsy sighs.

Patsy: Back in the city, we never got to see much of the sunset.

Ryan: (looks at the sky) Beautiful isn't it.

Patsy: Yeah. Makes you feel bad though, that we don't appreciate the beauty around us.

Ryan: The city's a dangerous place, you never have the time to just look around and enjoy.

Patsy: That's why I like it here so much.

Patsy lets out another sighs and bows her head

Ryan looks at her now.

Ryan: But you still miss the city? The Mallrats?

Patsy: (looks up at Ryan, tears in her eyes) Don't you? Don't you miss Salene?

Ryan: Of course I do. I would do anything to find her. But we don't even know where we are our how to get back to the Mallrats.

Patsy: Do you think we will ever see any of them again? Salene and Chloe and Trudy?

Ryan: Of course we will, we're Mallrats, we always find our way home.

Ryan pulls Patsy into a hug and the scene ends.


Scene 3

Camera fades in from black to show Jay and Ram struggling against the guards.

Amber's shocked face turns to Crystal.

Amber: What the hell are you doing?

Crystal: I told you, I have to make sure the city and my Tribe are safe.

Amber: By arresting my friends.

Crystal: Your friends are Technos.

Salene: Their ex-Technos, you can't do this.

Crystal: Oh I can and I must. I cannot risk the leader of the
Technos and their mighty general to roam freely.

Amber: You don't understand they helped us defeat the Technos; they are not the bad guys.

Crystal: I'm sorry Amber I can't just take your word for it. Their fate will be decided by our Tribe leader, if anyone stands in my way, they'll be arrested too.

Crystal turns towards the guards holding Jay and Ram.
Crystal: Take them down to the holding cells.

Camera shows Amber and Jay share a worried look before him and Ram are taken away.

Amber: Please Crystal let them go.

Crystal: I'm sorry Amber I can't do that, only the Tribe leader can free them if he decides they are no threat.

Slade: And what if you're leader decides they are a threat?

Crystal: In that case they will stand trial for their crimes and punished by the Council accordingly.

Trudy: And what about the rest of us? What do we do? Just sit here while you sentence our friends to prison?

Crystal: Your fate will also be decided by the leader, if he believes you are no threat, you will be accepted into the Tribe, in which case you will stay with us and adhere to our rules.

Lex: And if he thinks of we are a threat?

Crystal: You will be exiled from the city never to return.

Crystal turns to walk out with two guards as the camera shows the Mallrats worried faces, end scene


Scene 4

Camera fades in from black showing Alice and KC, in a forest clearing.

Alice: I guess this is as good a place as any to camp out for the night.

KC: Do you think the slave traders would have followed us this far?

Alice: I hope not.

A rustle of leaves close by disturbs them both.

KC: Did you hear that?

Alice: Yeah.

KC: Maybe this isn't such a safe place to spend the night.

Alice: But we can't go anywhere in the dark. Why don't you get some sleep and I'll keep watch for a while.

KC: Good idea.

The camera pans out to show the two friends settling close together next to a large tree.

Camera switches to a view of the two as if from behind the bushes.

The camera pans out to show the Guardian watching Alice and KC.

The scene blacks out as the Guardian shuffles out of sight and lays curled up on the ground.

End Credits role

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Published: 2/11/2011
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