The Valley Of Death

This is how death would look like and feel like. Comments are more than welcome.
Walking through the path of death,
Feeling in my heart the devil's breath.
Trees of decay as my companion,
I take every step as a caution.
Rocks crumbled under my feet,
Ghosts of my haunted past I meet.
There is nothing alive,
Only the remains of our wretched lives.

Shadows hiding in the trees,
I plead with them to let me be.
I breathe in the air of sweet decay,
Monstrous statues blocking my way,
Life is but a hideous dream,
A mask on which the sun beams.
Death is our only reality,
A world where everything is petty.

Gravestones rose up before my eyes,
In harmony with my defeated sighs.
I place flowers on the stones,
Crumbling my shattered bones.
A white rose appeared,
The gift of a most adored seer.
My feelings are frozen,
Your words are poison.

I see bodies paving my way forward,
Sweer decay curving upward.
I had once admired this scene,
But now it is what it seems.
The flowers fadeth,
The bodies withered.
Kneel in front of gravestones,
And mourn the passing of mournful tones.
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