The Victory

From being homeless, to the battle with depression just to name a few... Here I stand stronger and better which means victory.
I never thought I would make it
This far the battle seemed to big
For me to fight but nevertheless
Here I stand still in my right mind

There were times when I thought
This is it that I would seat down
Somewhere and quit because I
Felt you didn't see the pain written
Across my heart, but now all those
Scares that once said hurt
Abused, unloved, castaway, plus
The label unworthy have all been healed.

The tears have all dried up
I have gone from being on my knees
To standing as tall as tree
The fact that I am here today
Is a testament to your grace

Out of the darkness the sun now has begun
To shine once I was blind but
Now I see that the whole time you were here
Holding my hand
When I felt like no one understood me
You stepped in to put my racing mind at ease
I may not be all that I want to be

However I am grateful to be
Who you called me to be
When all others gave up you trusted that
I Would for fill the task which you set
Before me, truly with a love like this

There is no way I can fail this poem
This is my way to say thanks
But most of all I want
To show my graduated for giving for
Giving me the victory.
Published: 8/8/2011
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