The Voices

Killing me.
It's life supposed to be full of pain?
It's been three years and it has been the same,
Was I supposed to want to die every day?
You actually aren't but you're too full of hate,

Words can never describe how I feel,
There's this thing that kills me, it's called fear,
Silent and moving it's making me its meal,
I can't seem to escape, I can't find a shield.

Beautiful and stunning that's how I want to be,
But I am too ugly, it's impossible to achieve,
All I've ever wanted was to be thin,
But it is not possible, and nothing ever fits.

Happiness is something I can't get,
There's always the voice in my mind telling me to run away,
I wish I could listen to it or maybe feel it,
But I'm too numb to get near it.

Help me save myself,
I'm begging for you to come rescue me,
I don't know what's up with my mind,
I just want to die, indeed.

I'm always so full of misery,
So full of hate, so full of agony,
It's all together coming at me,
Wanting so badly and pleading to drown me.

Shut the voices in my mind,
Killing me slowly as I cry,
Kill them quickly or I might die,
What am I talking about? I'm already dead inside.
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Published: 11/22/2012
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