The Wait!

The long wait for the rains to arrive......
The earth and land all around us,
Is parched and cracked and dry;
A nation waits for rain to come,
And bid the summer goodbye.

Though long past the date of arrival,
No sign of the rain god is here;
The rivers and lakes have all dried up,
And the people are filled with fear.

For no rain means a lot of things,
And most of them are not good;
No rains mean the dying of the crops,
And the fear of having no food.

Prayers and offerings are daily made,
But it seems the rain god cannot hear,
Alas! There is no chance of rain,
For the skies are blue and clear.

But fear not, for it won't be too long,
Before the creeping black clouds arrive;
To send their showers and drench everything,
For indeed the land has to survive!

Before you know it the rain will be here,
The sky filled with lightening and thunder;
This amazing spectacle of nature's fury
Will fill your heart with wonder.
By Edward K.
Published: 6/30/2009
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