The Waiting Game

It's about surviving the waiting game, the tug of war between hope and despair.
You played your hand
You finished your part
You gave it all you had
The ball now is in the other court
So begins the waiting game

As the clock ticks ahead
You wait for the judgment
You swing like a pendulum
From hope to the depths of despair

You analyze and put on a brave face
Ready to take the blow of fate
Or the kiss of serendipity
Doubt gnaws as patience trembles

Breathe in breathe out
Just Survive, it ain't for the faint hearted
Believe in yourself,
That's how you play the waiting game

Then the moment hits you, game over
Good or bad, what doesn't kill you
Makes you stronger
Go on, it ain't over till it's over
By Omkar Phatak
Published: 6/6/2009
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