The Wares

I suppose this one is a bit of a dream, but it is still a story of love.
She strung all her beads along with her shells,
And took them down to the market to sell,
To make a few shillings to buy food for her child,
But nobody bought her wares,
No nobody bought her wares.

She cried to the wind, "Oh woe is me,
"I haven't a penny for my child to feed".
A stranger came forward with a pound for to give,
He bought all the young maiden's wares,
He bought the young maiden's wares.

"Oh thank you kind sir", she said with a smile,
"If I can ever repay you, you know that I will,
"I'll go straight to the grocer and buy food for my child,
"I will buy the grocer's wares,
"I will buy the grocer's wares".

"No need to, fair maiden", the gentleman said,
"My home is not far, I will give you a bed,
"Where you and your daughter may rest your sweet heads,
"And I will let you keep your wares,
"I'll let you keep your wares".

"There is only one thing I ask in return,
"You work in my factory first thing in the morn,
"I will teach you the work, the work you will learn,
"And you can help me make my wares,
"You can help me make my wares".

The maiden agreed and to work she did go,
She learned the work quickly and carried it through,
He watched from a distance, the things she did do,
As she helped him make his wares,
She helped him make his wares.

Then one day the gentleman came to her side,
Got down on one knee and looked into her eyes,
He asked the fair maiden if she'd be his bride,
And share in the wealth of his wares,
Share in the wealth of his wares.

The maiden agreed with a tear in her eye,
A smile on her face and her child by her side,
And the union of three, well it soon became five,
And they all shared the wealth of the wares,
They all shared the wealth of the wares.
Published: 7/13/2010
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