The Wave

The next short in the series.
The realization that things were breaking down hit her hard like a fucking tidal wave. It started in September, the distance between them growing thick and silent over the middle cushion of the couch. Neither of them dared to cross the vast and empty space, their silent breathing filled the air. She began to wonder if her constant need to be outdoors, her long work hours and even longer hours out running or hiking or whatever was dividing them. She began to wonder if it was something else. A great unease had fallen over the house and the only place she didn't feel it was, when she was asleep.

There was a girl. The girl herself was fucking unimportant, the fact that the girl was supposed to have been her friend was a whole different story though.

When the news broke, she felt her heart crumble into a million pieces. Her heart had known the truth and couldn't take the pressure, when her brain finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

In a single second, the distance between them cracked open into a gaping chasm. She turned her back to it, to him, so that his desperate pleas, his smoke signals of distress couldn't be seen. She shut her heart down and left. The ocean of uncertainty rose up and swallowed her whole in a great wave.
Published: 5/16/2017
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