The Way I Feel

This is basically a poem about the way I was feeling at a certain point in my life.
Nothing seems to ease the pain,
The anger and hatred I can no longer restrain.
I hate the way life has treated me.
Why can't these daemons just let me be?

The fire within burns hotter every day,
But somehow I make everyone believe that I am okay.
Completely oblivious to the hurt I feel inside,
They all carry on with their pathetic little lives.

Some days I don't even recognize myself.
It's like I have become somebody else.
Looking in the mirror, I cannot distinguish what I see.
But that hallow hearted, empty souled person cannot be me.

When did everything turn so sour,
When did I stop appreciating every hour?
Days slip past, and before I know it a month is gone.
I just wish I knew when everything went wrong.

When did I become the person I am today?
Severely troubled and on the verge of insane.
Surely this was not part of God's plan.
This cancer is certainly a creation of man.
Published: 12/4/2009
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